Halloween for Kids: Top Ten Trick or Treating Safety Tips

Going trick or treating with friends and family on Halloween 2017 evening is one of the super fabulous things to do on this holiday. With the right Halloween costume, proper precautions, and attention to detail, you can make sure that not only yourself, but your friends and family get home safely. So this Halloween follow these ten steps for a safe and fun trick or treating adventure.

Halloween 2017 Safety Tips:

  1. Take an adult with you, and only visit homes of people you know or are in your neighborhood.
  2. Wearing scary Halloween make-up is much safer than wearing a mask because it is much easier to see with just make-up on.
  3. If you do wear a mask, be sure the eyeholes are large so you can see through them. If you have to cross the street, please take your mask off. It is much easier to see oncoming traffic if you don’t have to look through the eyeholes of a mask.
  4. Be sure that your Halloween costume is nonflammable, meaning that it can’t catch on fire even if fire is touching it. Also, be sure that your costume is bright enough to see in the dark. If your costume isn’t bright enough, stick some pieces of reflective tape on it.
  5. Bring a flashlight with brand new batteries in it.
  6. Be sure that your Halloween costume isn’t too long. Costume that are too long tend to get caught on fences or other front yard items, and can even get tangled up with your feet causing you to trip and possibly hurt yourself.
  7. When you are walking up to the door of a house, don’t trample over people’s lawns and flowers. The people living at that house have probably spent a lot of time making their front yard look nice, so please help them keep it that way.
  8. Don’t eat all that yummy Halloween candy until you get home and an adult has had a chance to check through it. Candy that is not in a wrapper or is homemade should be thrown away. If the homemade treat came from someone you know well, then it is probably okay to eat.
  9. Make sure to say thank you to the person who is giving you candy. A nice thank you can go a long way.
  10. Have fun! Halloween is meant to be fun. Enjoy yourself, your friends, and your family. Halloween only come around once a year so live it up and enjoy yourself.

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