Halloween Costumes for Teens: Creative, Inexpensive Costume Ideas for Teenage Girls

What to wear? What to wear? Teens ponder this question every day, but Halloween creates a new fashion challenge, and they need ideas now! Here are some ideas for creative, inexpensive Halloween costumes for your favorite teen.

Creative Teen Costumes

Halloween should be fun and easy. For many years, when Halloween costumes weren’t available in stores or online, people had to be creative and make their own. A cape (fastened over top of your head) and a life-size mannequin or Barbie head under your arm can easily make a headless woman costume.

With a simple makeup kit and some black clothes, anyone can be a vampire. A baby costume is easy to make from pajamas, ponytails, freckles drawn with brown eyeliner and teddybear or pacifier accessories. Also easy — a computer nerd costume — those old plaid polyester pants from Dad or Goodwill, nerdy glasses, slicked back hair, a computer mouse dangling from your pocket.

Trendy Teens at Halloween

Costumes from the Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight Saga book series are hot this year. The good news is that Breaking Dawn characters — everygirl Bella and her vampire friend Edward, or werewolf pal Jacob — are easy to re-create, and doable in a group of two or three teens.

Another hot costume choice this year for teens? Characters from the teen sensation movie Juno. A slinky shirt, nerdy running outfit are just a few easy costume ideas. Slightly outdated but still popular are characters from Napoleon Dynamite. Also easy to assemble and popular? Dead cheerleaders, goth fairies, corpse brides — wow — teens today can be grim, huh?

Classic Halloween Costumes

Every little girl still remembers her favorite Disney princess, so the allure of the Disney princess remains. Let teens indulge their inner princesses and recreate the Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty or Pocahontas of their youths. Of course, the villains are fun to remember, too — so two friends as the Little Mermaid and Ursula the Sea Witch would make a great duo.

Teens can also easily assemble costumes from time periods — a 20s flapper, 60s hippie, 70s disco diva or 80s flashdancer are some ideas for costumes that can be created from gathering a few key accessories. Also easy and classic? Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or any variety of a simple but ever-popular witch costume.

Be creative this year and help teens choose a fun costume that will surely end up a popular Myspace or Facebook photo for years to come!

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