Halloween Costumes for Kids That are Cute and Inexpensive

Halloween Costumes for Babies

It’s important to dress a baby according to the weather. On Halloween, some parts of the United States may be warm while some other parts might be cold. So make a baby costume that suits the weather. One idea is to dress the baby up like a mummy. To make the costume, use an old sheet torn into strips. This will keep the baby warm as well. Parents can also dress their babies up as clowns or animals. Use some non-toxic makeup or Halloween paint and color the baby’s face like that of a clown. If the baby has a hooded sweatshirt, tape some ears on it – the baby can transform into a cat, dog or mouse!

Children’s Halloween Costumes

A child can dress up to be many things. Some little girls already have dress-up clothes, so turning the little girl into a princess is one idea. Try other fancy ideas too. Use a long sleeve white shirt and some white pants if available. Hot glue cereal all over the outfit and the child can go out as a bowl of cereal. When dressing a young boy buy a bag of purple balloons. Have the child wear a green shirt and if possible green pants. Tape the balloons all over the child and the boy can go out as a bunch of grapes.

Boys may also fancy a SpongeBob SquarePants costume. To go trick-or-treating as SpongeBob, find a box that the child can fit in, paint it yellow and then paint black circles on it for the holes in the sponge. Paint the child’s face yellow as well. Cut out the holes for the head and the arms. Another variation of this would be to cut up sponges and paste the pieces all over the box. Sponges are pretty inexpensive and come in large sizes so it would be easy to cover the box with just a few.

How about dressing up as a tree? Here’s how: Collect a pile of leaves from outside. Tape the leaves to a child’s shirt and pants. Some kids may like the idea of being a piece of sandpaper. Use an old shirt and apply glue all over it. Then sprinkle sand on it. Allow it to dry for a few days.

Many thrift or second hand stores are cheap and good sources for getting costume supplies. Most of the time there is always a wide range of clothes in any color and size. Just remember to design outfits that are safe for children to wear on Halloween.

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