Halloween Costumes for Girls with Long Hair: Character Ideas for Showing Off Hair Length While Trick-or-Treating

Women with super-long hair often keep it tied up during the day for practical reasons. Halloween is a good time to literally let your hair down – long hair can add authenticity to a costume or make a so-so outfit memorable.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Redheads with Long Hair

Princess Fiona’s Hairstyle

The feisty heroine from Shrek wore her hair in a braid secured at the nape of the neck with a green scrunchie, and centre-parted short side bangs.

Ariel’s Hairstyle

The Little Mermaid costume may not be the most practical to wear door-to-door, but it is excellent for showing off long red hair. Part hair on one side and liberally spray or mousse a “pouf” of hair in a vague pompadour style.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Blondes with Long Hair

Princess Buttercup’s Hairstyle

Buttercup’s famously beautiful hair – “the colour of autumn” according to the book, blonde in the film – is worn loose and wavy for most of the movie, with just a few strands of hair pulled back into a half-ponytail. More elaborate hairdos include Buttercups curled palace hairstyle and wedding curls with a silver tiara.

Galadriel’s Hairstyle

Galadriel’s loose hairstyles are pefect for showcasing well-tended long hair. In the Peter Jackson film trilogy Galadriel wore her hair down and centre-parted, with a few strands caught back into a half-ponytail. A few locks were worn in front of her ears. To achieve wavy hair like Galadriel’s, braid damp hair several hours before you plan to go out, and let the braids dry.

Eowyn’s Hairstyle

How blonde the Eowyn of LOTR was depends on the scene – Miranda Otto had several wigs ranging from honey-blonde to light brown. Her hairstyles suffered similar continuity glitches; however, centre-parted loose hair with a few strands rolled back into a half-ponytail is a good approximation of the Eowyn “style”.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Brunettes with Long Hair

Elphaba’s Hairstyle

The Wicked Witch of the West is a great costume choice since the hit musical Wicked revamped the character. Elphaba’s long black hair is worn in a braid for most of the show.

Disney’s Pocahontas Hairstyle

Pocahontas wore her hair loose and flowing. To match the character more exactly, add blue highlights to black hair by dyeing with indigo or using a Manic Panic blue dye.

Disney’s Jasmine Hairstyle

Jasmine’s hair in Aladdin was long and extremely thick. She wore it loosely centre-parted with plenty of body at the front, held back with a tiara and tied in a thick biker’s braid.

Arwen’s Hairstyles

An Arwen Halloween costume is likely to be time-consuming and expensive, as her outfits were elaborate. Such a costume deserves to be topped with an intricate hairstyle. Arwen wore a number of herringbone braids during her first appearance in Fellowship of the Ring; later styles range from updos to the famous “fighting braid” in her cut scene from The Two Towers, and plenty of loose hairstyles. ** is an excellent source for screenshots of Arwen’s hairstyles.

Princess Leia’s Hairstyles

Leia’s most iconic hairstyles are updos, but a few – mostly from Return of the Jedi – showcase her length. The style she wears at the Ewok village is particularly flattering, and snazzy enough to draw attention.

Lara Croft’s Hairstyle

The sleek long braid of the Tomb Raider teams with short shorts, boots and a crop top for a simple Halloween costume.

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