Halloween Costumes for Dogs: Cheap Dress Up Ideas

Trick-or-treating may not be a good idea for your dog but dressing up a pet for a Halloween party or costume contest can be fun. Not all dogs appreciate Halloween or enjoy wearing a costume but for those who relish the extra attention that a costume brings, dog lovers can find creative ideas everywhere.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

Half the fun is looking for ideas. Costumes can be really cute when they match the dog’s image. Pudgy Pugs make great pumpkins, Silky white dogs look great dressed as angels or ghosts, and Dobermans dress up well as a scary Dracula. Dachshunds and Corgis make cute caterpillars or hot dogs, little black dogs easily morph into spooky spiders and big dogs can play the part of a law officer, soldier, or even a camel or lion.

A few more really weird ideas include an iPhone, a spaceship, and a stuffed alligator attached to appear as if swallowing the dog. Some owners like to dress up with their dog as a team, such as cowboy and Indian or Harry Potter and the Three-Headed-Dog.

Turn your imagination loose and see what you come up with.

Homemade Halloween Dog Costumes

For creative dog owners, simple costumes can sometimes be the cutest. A couple of white hair spray stripes can turn a little black dog into a skunk or add a couple of painted paper plates and a little short-legged dog becomes a turtle.

Those who want to make their own can find ideas complete with free instructions and approximate cost of supplies at coolest-homemade-costumes. Dog owners handy with the sewing machine can choose from McCalls and Butterick patterns to sew cool and unique dog costumes. Cheap items for embellishment such as butterfly wings or a Hawaiian lei can often be found by browsing dollar stores.

Retail Halloween Dog Costumes

If you’re not the creative type or have limited time, commercial costumes are plentifully available online. It’s best to order early in case an exchange is needed and so that your dog has time to get accustomed to the costume before Halloween. Be sure to follow the measuring instructions provided by the site to insure a good fit.

Shoppers can choose from pirate, clown, and spider costumes to dinosaur, pumpkin, and even a sock hop poodle skirt for under ten dollars at jbpet.

Ohmydogsupplies offers a large selection of really cute costumes such as fairy princess, a mustard bottle, hot dog, bat, taco, and various animals for under twenty dollars.

Other selections at petcost include patriot, angel, biker, karate dog, wolfman, soldier, ghost, rock star, and various story characters for under twenty dollars.

Costumecraze offers quite an array of cute and unique outfits that are priced all over the board from three to four dollars to over twenty.

Halloween Safety Tips and Party Cautions for Dogs

While some dogs enjoy the attention a costume brings, not all dogs tolerate clothing well. Garments should be loose enough for comfort and not block vision or interfere with breathing or bathroom functions or cause the dog to overheat.

Some dogs can also be frightened of others in costume, which can lead to escapes or aggressiveness. Consider limiting your dog’s time at the Halloween party to a few minutes or no more than an hour and make sure he gets only treats meant for doggies.

Human party foods such as alcohol and candy, especially chocolate, can be deadly for dogs. A safe Halloween is a fun Halloween.


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