Halloween Costume Ideas: Unique Costumes for Adults – Ideas for Singles, Couples, Groups

As Halloween draws near, the question consuming many people is, “What should I wear this Halloween?” No one wants to wear the same old outfit year after year, so consider the unique costumes for adults below.

Halloween Costume Ideas

In this article, find unique adult Halloween costume ideas, including links to articles that profile group Halloween costumes and Disney outfits. Finally, get three unique couples costume ideas. Go as a single person, as a pair, or join a bunch of men or women dressing up in a group Halloween costume using the ideas from this article.

Disney Halloween Costumes for Adults – Singles, Couples, or Groups

Disney costumes are versatile and safe. Everyone recognizes Disney characters, and a single Disney costume is perfect for a single individual while a pairing or group of related characters would be appropriate for a couple or group.

Costumes for characters like Aladdin, Ariel, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean are available for purchase online.

Unique Costumes for Adults – Halloween Outfits for Groups of Three or Four Men or Women

For groups with more than four members, see the link within that article to a list of Halloween costume ideas that can accomodate an unlimited number of group members.

Unique Halloween Costumes for Couples – Ideas for Two PeopleHere are a few costume ideas for two people to consider:

  • Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf costume for couples – Instead of pairing Little Red Riding Hood with her loving grandmother, consider pairing her with the forbidden Big Bad Wolf.
  • Michael Jackson & Elizabeth Taylor couples costume – This unlikely pair is sure to turn heads, much like they did in real life.
  • Peter Pan & Tinkerbell couples costume– Everyone knows that Tinkerbell always wanted to be at Peter Pan’s side. Make her wish come true by pairing these two characters together on Halloween.

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017 – Unique Outfits for Adults and Children

If none of the outfits noted above are unique enough, consider using a current event as inspiration for a Halloween costume. The article Halloween Costumes 2017lists several outfit ideas based on the year’s current events and movie releases. Keep in mind that while many of these are sure to be unique, others might have the same idea. The article contains both adult Halloween costume ideas and appropriate options for children.

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