Halloween Costume Ideas for College Students: Mascots, Roommates, Animal House Togas, and Other Ideas

Halloween on a college campus can be a blast! Students love to get dressed up to go to parties, to go to class, or for any other reason. Of course, college students can dress up in all the same costumes that everyone else can, but why not be creative and think of something unique that says “student”?

Here are some creative ideas for special costumes to help students get into the school spirit.

Mascot Costumes

The college mascot always seems to be having fun, so why not dress up like this popular character? Alternately, if the campus mascot is an animal or other easily recognizable character, dress up like that. .

For a related costume idea, try dressing as a college cheerleader. For a humorous and macabre twist, dress up as the mascot from a rival school in some state of despair, like with a painted frown on the face or a fake knife through the head

Campus Professors and Other Characters

Is there a distinctively odd looking professor on campus that everyone loves, or hates? Are there other “characters” on campus that would be easy to satirize with a Halloween costume – a teaching assistant, a visiting sidewalk evangelist, a dean, the student body president, a campus activist, a grumpy financial aid lady, or someone else that other students would recognize easily in costume form? Off of campus, are there people in the outside community who would be fun to satirize? Be creative. Watch out for hurt feelings, of course, as there’s a thin line between gentle parody and meanness!

Dressing Up as Roommates

For roommates who don’t want to spend lots of money on a costume – and who have distinctive styles of dress and appearance – this can be a fun way to go. Go through each other’s wardrobes and find things that exaggerate each other’s styles a bit.

Campus Landmarks

Is there a statue on campus in a prominent place that people associate readily with the campus? A funny looking sculpture? A weird building? A senior rock that everyone paints their name on during homecoming? Something recognizable in the surrounding town or community?

A related idea is to dress up like the founder whose name has been given to the college or university.

Animal House Toga Costumes

This classic college look is popular because it’s funny and very easy and cheap to pull off. Who doesn’t know how to construct a basic toga? This costume is easy to accessorize with a laurel and flip flops or gladiator sandals.

For another Animal House look, students can always go as John Belushi in the famous black “College” shirt. Simple as this look is, it really does the trick.

Starving Student Costumes

One reason college students don’t buy elaborate Halloween costumes is because they’re too broke, so why not play this up in a broke student costume? This doesn’t take too much effort; just dress is clothes that look like a bum’s and decorate with a sign such as, “Will work for too-i-shun.” This look may be especially appealing to starving grad students.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Students

When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, money isn’t nearly as important as having a good imagination. College students without a fat budget can try out these ideas, or think of their own, and celebrate the night with a unique twist.

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