Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults: Original Halloween Costumes for Men and Women

Trawling through shops and websites for a scary Halloween costume for adults is an interesting and fun activity for all the family. Original Halloween costume ideas aren’t nearly as hard to find as might be anticipated, provided the process is commenced sufficiently early. Even if it isn’t, there will still be plenty of outfits to choose from as stockists are well prepared for this time of year.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Seeing mom or dad dressed-up in a Darth Vader Halloween costume, devil costume, pirate costume or in a mad hatter costume will be a source of great amusement for all. Remember that these scary Halloween costumes will need to be worn for several hours so choose something that is comfortable.

Darth Vader Halloween Costume

With his black, flowing cape, lightsaber and concealing mask, the Dark Lord of the Sith remains a complete enigma to all. This instantly distinctive lead character from George Lucas’ Star Wars Trilogy is a fearsome cyborg, sworn to destroy all Jedi. The outfit is widely considered amongst the most impressive and scary Halloween costumes of them all. Buy early to avoid disappointment.

Mad Hatter Costume

Widely associated with 1865 Lewis Carroll classic (Alice in Wonderland), being “mad as a hatter” is an expression that has been with us since childhood. Whilst the character from the book was a harmless soul, the contemporary equivalent is capable of anything. A wonderful, eccentric-looking Halloween costume for adults seeking to leave party guests in a sense of wonderment.

Pirate Costume

Dating back as far as the 17th century, the pirate is the thief and cutthroat of the sea. They steal money, gold, silver or anything of value and don’t care who they hurt or kill in the process. With their distinctive outfit, eye patch and parrot, pirates are extremely easy to identify. An original Halloween costume idea complete with lots of well-known phrases that can be used to amuse guests.

Devil Costume

There is no more evil Halloween costume than a devil suit. This simple, yet distinctive, design is guaranteed to get someone noticed at a party. Designs vary from relatively simple to extremely ornate. This scary Halloween costume for adults remains one of the most popular for all age groups.

Original Halloween costume for adults are widely available at retailers and online stockists. Try to order the more popular outfits, such as the Darth Vader Halloween costume, in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Do not despair as, no matter how late things are left, there will always be plenty of variety and choice for all.

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