Halloween Costume Ideas: Creative but Simple Adult Costumes

While some people love to dress up for a Halloween party, there are other adults that would rather have a root canal than wear a costume. It never fails, the latter few are made to feel they are the crazy ones.

There can be an alternative to going all out and dressing as the Son of Frankenstein or Rosemary’s Baby and no one can deny that you are “in costume”. Your costume can be plain and simple, even wearing everyday clothes one can still show creativity.

Ideas can come from words; compound words are best. Here are a few examples for groups, couples or just yourself.

Compound words:

  • Tape or pin a piece of paper on your back. You may want to write the Title of a book on the paper. You are a paperback novel.
  • Tape or pin a piece of green construction paper on your back. You are a Greenback.
  • Put a picture of a pig or pin a stuffed pig on your back. You are a piggyback rider.
  • Cut out eyes and pin one on each cheek of your rear-end. You are hindsight.
  • Tape a wrapped stick of gum to the top of your shoe. You’re a Gumshoe.(a private eye)
  • Tape a sticky-note to your foot and be a footnote or just a piece of paper taped to your foot with one word, such as the following: ball, locker, rest, or stool.

Everyday items:

  • Two people dress alike and on one arm write chair. You are a set of matching armchairs.
  • A group could wear a gray letter V on their shirts and walk around making train sounds. They are a GravyTrain.
  • A group could each blacken one eye and wear the letter P on their shirts. They are Black-eyed peas.
  • A group could all dress in green shirts and anything to make them look like gang members. They are gang-green.

Simple Costumes:

  • Tape packs of candy Smarties all over your pants. You are a Smartie Pants.
  • Get little individual boxes of cereal and “stab” them open. Attach them all over your shirt with maybe a plastic knife sticking out and red paint around it. You are a Serial Killer
  • Make or buy a pig snout, ears, tail and a pair of wings. Dress in a pink sweatsuit with dirty smudges on it. You are now the Swine Flu Virus.
  • Wear a blue dress and devil ears. You are the Devil with the Blue Dress On.
  • Wear your regular clothes, but attach socks randomly all over you. You are Static cling.
  • Spray your hair green and write Chia on your forehead. You are a Chia Pet.

Coming up with a unique and simple costume can be just as much fun as wearing one. Once your brain starts rattling off ideas, it is hard to stop. As seen above, ideas can come from anywhere: words, titles, items, etc. It’s only limited to your imagination.

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