Halloween Cat Clipart

Halloween is a festival that is celebrated in the United States and several other countries every year on 31st October. It is a great fun time for kids and adults, and also, the pets can also participate in the festival. You can make your cat wear cute and funny Halloween costumes and take them with you for trick-or-treating. These little pets are sure going to be the celebrities on the street on the Halloween day.

But, before that, you should know why cats came into the Halloween, especially the black cats. In the United States of America, earlier and even now, some people believe that black cats bring bad luck to them. It has started in the Plymouth Colony by Pilgrims. These pilgrims suspect anything related to sorcery, witches, and black cats as well. These people use to mistreat the black cats and they use to burn black cats on Shrove Tuesday to their homes from fire. In later days, people use to decorate them as a Halloween Symbol, including witches and decorate their house with different spooky themes to attract trick-or-treaters.

Check out our collection of halloween cat clipart below.

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halloween cat clipart ; Colorful-Halloween-Cat

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halloween cat clipart ; black-cat

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halloween cat clipart ; cat_on_pumkin

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halloween cat clipart ; halloween-black-cat-silhouette-5

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halloween cat clipart ; silhouette-halloween-cat-3

halloween cat clipart ; skinny-black-cat

The Halloween decorations are not complete without the black cat as it is the most popular symbols of Halloween. It is also considered as a bad luck by superstitions. You can find various superstitions and proverbs on the black cat like:

– People believe that if a black cat crosses any individual path at night, which means their death is nearing.

– People believe that if the black cat crosses their way when they are driving, then they turn their hat backwards and mark an X-symbol on their windshield, it will prevent bad luck.

– People believe that if black cat come close to them, which means it will bring good luck. But, if goes away from them that means it will take away their good luck.

– People believe that if a cat gave birth to kitten in the month of May, then it will serve witches.

– People believe that if a black cat has a little bit of white hair, and if you spot it, then it will give you a good luck.

These are some of the facts of Halloween cat.

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