Halloween Birthday Party Ideas for Kids: Fun and Creative Food and Games with a Spooky Theme

Planning a Halloween birthday party gives plenty of opportunity to be creative and break the mold of traditional birthday parties. From elaborate costumes and spooky decorations to unexpected treats and unusual games, Halloween birthday parties fit any age and budget.

Here are some Halloween birthday party ideas for five to nine year olds that will have the guests wishing their birthdays were in October too!

Halloween Birthday Party Food Ideas

Food is always an important aspect of any successful party. As Halloween is already an occasion full of sweet and decadent treats, these snacks are simple to prepare and generally have less sugar content than Halloween candy.

  • Orange and Black Foods – serve the kids orange cheese, cantaloupe balls, cheddar flavoured rice crackers, black grapes, raisins, finger sandwiches of chocolate and hazelnut spread on bread that has been dyed orange.
  • Jack-o-Lantern Cupcakes – let each child decorate an orange icing covered chocolate cupcake to look like a jack-o-lantern using raisins, black licorice, chocolate chips, and nuts. For a healthier alternative, cover carrot muffins with orange icing to decorate.
  • Halloween Cookies – using round digestive cookies cover one side of the cookie with white icing. Dye coconut with orange food colouring and let the kids decorate their cookie with it. Add raisins and licorice to make it look like a jack-o-lantern. To make ghosts, cover arrowroot cookies with white icing and use raisins or chocolate chips to make eyes and mouth for the ghost.

Halloween Birthday Party Game Ideas

Kids love to play games that encourage cooperation, with some silliness mixed into the fun.

  • Apple Bobbing – easily done with a few apples floating in a shallow bowl, this traditional game is always full of laughs, especially when an adult shows how it is done.
  • Wrap the Mummy Relay – split the kids into two teams and give each team a roll of toilet paper. A person from each team sits on a chair at the front of the room, while his teammates take turns wrapping the toilet paper around him. The first team to empty the toilet paper roll wins.
  • Spooky Musical Chairs – place enough chairs or pillows in a circle in the middle of the room for each child. Have everyone stand and take one of the pillows or chairs aside. Play Halloween music and when the music stops each child needs to find a chair. The child who is without a chair makes a Halloween sound for everyone to guess.

Spooky, silly or fanciful fun, a Halloween birthday party is a truly creative and unique way to celebrate a child’s special day.

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