Halloween Bat Printables

The bat is a cute mammal, but people are scared of it as they believe it invokes terror. However, the bat is not a terrifying mammal as portrayed in the movies. Also, it is related to Vampires and Halloween. But, when you think how do these bats entered into the Halloween tradition, then the answer is very easy because they look spooky and scary. The history says, in the earlier days, the Witches used to worship an acute figure that has wings same as a bat. Also, the bat’s blood used by the Witches as an ingredient in their “flying” balm rubbed on before going to Sabbath.

When the Halloween day is nearing, people will be ready with all kinds of props and bats are one of the items that they do not want to miss to use. Kids love to dress up like a bat. The relation between Halloween and bats looks natural, but people believe that they are nocturnal mammals and they feed blood, which is not true, as not all the bat species drink blood.

Check out our collection of halloween bat printables below.

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Only three types of bats feed blood as a primary food, but the reaming one thousand three hundred types of bats feed on insects, nectar, and rodents. The vampire bats are one of the three species that drink blood is connected to Halloween. With the scary relation to Halloween, bats reputation became bad. But, you can also find several myths related to bats, as people believe that bats are blind, which is not true at all. The bats surely have good eyesight and the sound waves to navigate during the night, as they have excellent echolocation abilities.

Kids love to make their own bats to decorate their home on the Halloween day. To make the hanging foam bats, you need black craft-foam and round eyes, and you can create quite a few bats to attract the trick-or-treaters. It is a quick and simple Halloween craft that kids love to make by themselves, and also it is a perfect way to give the spooky touch to your Halloween decorations.

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