Grenada – A Vacationer’s Dream: Five Things To Do In Grenada

The very mountainous Grenada, appears to be much larger than its one hundred and thirty-three square miles. This Caribbean island is one of a tri-state nation along with Carriacou and Petit Martinique. It is the largest of the three and is known for its cultivation of nutmeg, cocoa and other spices. A visit to the beaches especially the world famous Grand Anse is a must for visitors to the island. However, there are other attractions that should not be missed.

Spend a Day in the Capital, St. George’s

St. George’s, the capital of Grenada is filled with rich history and places of interest. Some of the more popular sites are the Grenada National Museum; Roman Catholic and Anglican churches built in the 1800s and the very famous Fort George which gives a lovely view of St.Georges from all directions.

Watch Crab Racing at the Flamboyant Hotel

Crab racing is a spectacle on Monday nights at the Flamboyant Hotel. Spectators bet on hermit crabs in a variety of races. The chair of the races draws a circle in the sand and places the crab in the centre and covers them with a bowl. To start the race, the bowl is removed. Some of the races include the first crab out of the circle and the last crab out of the circle. Prizes include free drinks and money collected from the betters.

Book an Island Tour with Mandoo Tour and Taxi Service

An island tour with Mandoo is a must for visitors to Grenada. The owner of the company, Mandoo is very knowledgeable and provides excellent narration of the island’s history and culture. One of his island tours includes visits to nutmeg and cocoa stations, a rum distillery, a spice and textile shop, Grand Etang ( a crater lake), and waterfalls. The cost of Mandoo’s tours includes entrance fees to the various attractions as well as lunch.

Whale and Dolphin Watching on Starwinds

Starwinds provides whale and dolphin watching tours. Sperm, pilot, sei, pygmy and bryde’s whales are prevalent in the waters surrounding Grenada. Large schools of dolphins are also in abundance. The Starwinds staff is very helpful as they point out the different types of whales and dolphins and they all have trained eyes to spot large schools on the horizon. It is advisable to book this tour in advance, because space is limited.

A Day Trip To Carriacou

The island of Carriacou which is approximately thirteen square miles in size is easily accessible by sea or air. However, the more popular mode of transportation is via sea on the Osprey ferry. This is a daily service which leaves Grenada around nine on mornings, stops in Carriacou and then on to Petit Martinique. The return trip leaves around three thirty in the afternoon. Carriacou is perfect for swimming and snorkeling and there are several taxis which provide island tours. The island is an extension of the exotic beauty that is a worthy characteristic of Grenada.

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