Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Age 4 and 5

Christmas shopping for children can be a challenge, especially when those children are not your own.

Many holiday shoppers find it difficult to find age-appropriate gift ideas for four-year-old and five-year-old kids. This is often the case for Christmas shoppers who don’t have children of their own and many are not familiar with what toys will be a good choice for a child between the ages of four and five.

The following guide to holiday shopping for a child age four or age five will help Christmas shoppers to come up with age-appropriate gift ideas for kids, based on the development of an average child.

Age Appropriate Gifts for Kids: Age Four

When a child reaches age four, most boys and girls are becoming adept at pretending and imagining, so Christmas shoppers should look for gifts that encourage pretend and imagination skills, like dolls, doll houses, toy cars and trains, Lego-type block sets, dress-up clothes and kids costumes, and even basic pretend toys like a rocking horse or farm set.

Four-year-old children are also very physically active and most have seemingly limitless energy, so most kids around the age of four will enjoy gifts like rollerskates, a scooter, a T-ball set and basic outdoor games and sports items like a basketball hoop or outdoor bowling set.

Art supplies are also a great gift idea for most four-year-olds, who are just budding with creativity. Some good art supply gifts for four-year-old boys and girls include non-toxic paints, clay, coloring books, markers (washable, please!), and other similar craft sets.

DVDs of a child’s favorite television show or movie can also be a great holiday gift idea for a four-year-old (or a five-year-old, for that matter), though this is a gift idea that should first be approved by the parent because each parent has different standards on what television shows or movies are acceptable.

Age Appropriate Gifts for Kids: Age Five

The best gift ideas for a five-year-old child will be along the same lines as those one would purchase for a four-year-old, with a few exceptions: a five-year-old child will have better eye-hand coordination, stronger pretend skills and by age five, they will be learning to play well with other children, whereas younger kids typically play next to other kids instead of with them.

Five-year-olds are pretending and using their imagination even more, so dolls (especially baby dolls or animal dolls that “do something” like bark or cry), dollhouses, car and train sets, tea sets, costumes, dress-up clothing and kids jewelry, Legos and other toys that require imagination will make a great gift for five-year-old boys and girls.

Toys that encourage play with other children also make for age-appropriate Christmas gifts for five-year-old kids. Basic games like the classic Candy Land, Operation and Hungry Hungry Hippos are great choices for most five-year-old children, as they encourage children to play well with others. Outdoor toys like beginner’s ice skates, a scooter, a T-ball set, or a sled are also good gifts for a five-year-old boy or girl.

Five-year-old kids will also appreciate art supplies and kits that involve growing things, including kits for decorating various items. Some great gift ideas along this line include a piggy bank decoration kit, a stamp kit, a crystal growing kit, a butterfly garden kit, or a beading/jewelry kit.

And in addition to DVDs of their favorite movies or T.V. shows, five-year-old kids may also enjoy electronic handheld games or computer games, though these are all items that should be approved by a parent beforehand.

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