Funny Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults: Instructions for Quick and Easy Homemade Halloween Adult Costumes

Last minute Halloween costumes for that suprise Halloween party don’t need to be boring or expensive to make. These funny homemade costumes are quick and easy to create with materials that are easy to find and work with.

Dress as a Cereal Killer for a Funny Last Minute Halloween Costume

A cereal killer costume is quick and easy to pull together, making it a great last minute Halloween costume. This one may have people initially scratching their heads in wonder, and most certainly laughing at the cleverness once they get the joke!

Materials Required for a Cereal Killer Halloween Costume

  • small single-serving cereal boxes
  • plastic knives
  • tape
  • safety pins or a glue gun and glue sticks

How to Make a Cereal Killer Halloween Costume

  1. Use scissors or a sharp knife to cut a small slit (big enough for the blade of a plastic knife) in the front of each cereal box.
  2. Insert a plastic knife into each cereal box. Use tape to secure the knife so that it doesn’t easily fall out.
  3. Attach the cereal boxes to clothing using safety pins or a hot glue gun. (Note: hot glue will not wash out of clothing.)

For a Gruesome and Clever Homemade Halloween Costume, Dress as Road Kill

A road kill costume may seem a little morbid to some, funny to others, and perhaps unusual to many! Quick and easy to make with very little materials required, this costume makes a great last minute option for Halloween.

Materials Required for a Road Kill Halloween Costume

  • black shirt and pants
  • masking tape
  • stuffed animal
  • safety pins
  • scissors
  • red food colouring or Halloween fake blood

How to Make a Road Kill Halloween Costume

  1. Use the masking tape to place two straight lines down the front and back of the shirt and pants, spaced to look like the white lines on a road.
  2. Cut a small hole in the stuffed animal to let some of the stuffing peek out. (Skip this step if the animal is a special friend that should remain in one piece!)
  3. Dab a little fake blood or red food colouring on the ‘wound’. (Skip this step if it’s too gruesome for the intended audience.)
  4. Attach the stuffed animal to the front of the shirt with safety pins.

More Funny Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some more fun last minute homemade costume ideas that can be pulled together at a moment’s notice:

Static cling – Pin socks, wash cloths and dryer sheets to an outfit using safety pins.

Bruise – Wear black and blue clothing for a simple costume that looks like no costume at all! Especially good for those reluctant to wear Halloween costumes.

Opposite sex – Have a man dress as a woman, or a woman dress as a man, using clothing from friends or family members.

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