Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for College Students: TV Personalities, Cocktails, and Other People and Things to Dress As

The witch, cat, and ghost are all popular Halloween costumes. While they can dress as one of these characters, college students can also create other looks for Halloween that are both fun and unique. To make a fun costume for Halloween, students can look to current events, pop culture, food and drinks, and historical figures for inspiration. A little creativity could help students win costume contests at Halloween parties.

Make a Costume That Reflects a Current Event in the News

Students can look to newspapers, magazines, and Internet news sites for inspiration as they brainstorm costume ideas. Students can dress like people who have been featured in the news recently, or they can dress like someone who reflects a recent or ongoing event. For example, students can dress like the Cirque du Soleil founder who recently returned from space, and they can dress in costumes that reflect the economic recession.

Dress Like a Person, Character, or Thing from Popular Culture

Actors, musicians, fictional characters, and popular games or toys can all make fun and creative Halloween costumes. Students can dress like people from popular culture, such as reality TV stars like the Gosselins. They can also dress like movie, television, and book characters, such as the Twilight vampires. For a Halloween twist, students can dress like the musicians of popular Halloween songs, such as Michael Jackson in his “Thriller” video.

Students can also dress like well-known pop culture items. For popular games, students can dress like a beer pong table or a video game character. For toys, students can dress like popular children’s toys, such as an Elmo doll or a Bratz doll. And, for products, students can dress in Snuggies that they’ve altered.

Create a Look That is Based on a Favorite Food or Drink Item

Many students enjoy dressing in costumes that are based on college students’ favorite food and drink items, because other students easily identify their costumes, and these inexpensive costumes are easy to construct. For food, students can dress like a slice of pizza, a sushi roll, or a bowl of Ramen Noodles. For beverages, students can dress like a can or bottle of beer, a milk carton, or an energy drink.

Craft a Costume That Resembles a Historical Figure

College students can look to their textbooks for inspiration when they brainstorm Halloween costume ideas. Students can craft costumes that resemble historical figures from their fields of study. For example: Political science majors can dress like well-known politicians, such as Abraham Lincoln; English majors can dress like well-known writers, such as William Shakespeare; and, art majors can dress like well-known artists, such as Frida Kahlo.

From well-known Presidents, like Abraham Lincoln, to popular college drinks, like a can of beer, college students have an infinite number of options for dressing in fun Halloween costumes. Students can look to current events, popular culture, and their own fields of study for costume ideas. And, they can also think about their favorite food and drink items as they brainstorm costumes.

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