Fun Halloween Activities: Halloween Activities to Teach Curriculum

Visualization Exercise

Read a paragraph or two from a scary Halloween story to the class. The paragraph must be filled with descriptive words. Do not show pictures from the book or tell students anything about the book. Have students close their eyes while you read the gruesome paragraph emphasizing the descriptive words. Give students approximately 30 minutes to draw an image or scene related to the paragraph. Students can use any drawing medium to illustrate their image. Students will present their image to the class and display their work at the front of the class. The teacher will read the story and show the pictures to the class. For older students use a short story for this Halloween activity.

Create a Monster

Students bring in old magazines and in their free time, begin to cut out body parts from the magazines. They will cut out a picture of a model and then cut her into body parts. Students will keep an envelope of their magazine cuttings. Students will create a Frankenstein from their cuttings. The teacher can teach students about body parts or have this as an art class. Students will create some interesting characters. Be sure to display the Frankenstein’s in class.

Halloween Stories

Students write and illustrate a Halloween Story. These stories can circulate during silent reading time. As well, older students can read these to younger students if they are not too gory and gruesome. One of the parameters for writing the story is to gear it to an age level. A story written for kindergarten students will not have a headless monster but if they are writing for eight graders they just might.

Halloween Poems

Students write a poem on their most favourite thing about Halloween. The poem may be free style, acrostic or they can use any other poem style that they have taught by you or in previous years. Students present their poems in costume related to the poem. For example, a student who writes about candy will dress up as a bag of chips or chocolate bar to present their poem.

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