Fun Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas

It can sometimes be hard to find a Christmas present for that one person or couple who seems to have everything and needs or wants nothing. While gift cards and money may be a simple solution to the problem, these Christmas gifts can be seen as impersonal and not very thoughtful when given by themselves.

Creating a gift basket catered to the gift recipient’s taste is a great way to give a unique Christmas gift without breaking the bank. With a little creativity and research into the person or couple’s interests, a themed gift basket can be a great gift for the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Movie Lovers

Know someone who loves movies? A movie night basket may be a great idea for a Christmas present. Gather the recipient’s favorite movie snacks, whether they be potato chips, candy, or pretzels, and arrange them in a movie-themed basket, or a basket draped with red fabric to imitate the famous red carpet.

Add in some of the recipient’s favorite movie beverages, a poster from their favorite film, and something to watch. The recipient’s favorite new release or a gift subscription to a movie rental service such as Netflix will complete the basket and create many memorable movie nights to come.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Wine Lovers

For the wine lover on the Christmas gift-giving list, a wine tasting basket can give wine lovers to sample a new bottle or two of wine in the comfort of their own home.

Decorate a whicker basket with faux grape leaves and include a bottle or two of the recipient’s favorite kinds of wine, but from a different winery. Also purchase a couple of the appropriate white or red wine glasses to accompany the bottle(s).

Round out the basket with complementary kinds of cheese, a cork screw, a wine cloth for presenting, or wine bottle charms. A book on local wines or how to pair wines with various dishes can also complete the gift basket.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for People Who Like to Cook

For those who love to cook, there are always new gadgets and kitchen tools to learn how to use in favorite dishes.

Gather all of the necessities to cook the recipient’s favorite cuisines, whether it is Italian, Asian, or Americana, and combine them in a basket that can be reused in the kitchen. Include a book of recipes and a book of cooking techniques specific to that cuisine. If the gift giver feels it appropriate, include a gift card to a local supermarket or grocery store in order to round out the meal.

For those who have hard to shop for people on their Christmas lists, creating a personalized gift basket as a Christmas present can be a great way to mark the holiday season. With a little creativity and imagination, a gift basket can reflect an individual’s style and hobbies while still being easy to create.

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