Fun Games to Suit Kids at Christmas Parties

Fun Christmas games for kids are a great way of making the holidays memorable. With a little planning and minimal outlay, the party host can keep kids entertained with great Christmas party ideas over the holidays without breaking the family budget.

Christmas Tree

Party games for kids can begin with Christmas Tree, a great party game icebreaker. The children sit in a ring around the host of the party. The host then labels pairs of children with Christmas words, such as reindeer, snowman, snowflake and so forth. The host calls out one of these words and the two children who have been labelled with this word must get up as quickly as possible and swap places.

The host of the party continues to call out names, and the children concerned must continue to get up and change places. But when “Christmas Tree” is called out, all children must get up and swap places. This can become a fast and frantic game and serves to mix up the children, making them sit with different companions.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

This game is easy to prepare and takes little time. The host simply obtains a large image of a Christmas character, which may be Santa Claus, Rudolph or a snowman. The host then cuts up the image into coherent parts, and hides the pieces around the house. The children must then try to find the pieces and fit them together.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Further Christmas party ideas can be found by adjusting generic party games to suit the theme of Christmas. Pinning the nose on Rudolph, for instance, is a variation of “pin the tail on the donkey,” the host merely draws a large picture of a reindeer and draw a red nose.

Children are arranged in a row and the first child is blindfolded and turned three times. The child must place the red nose where they think it should go. The host places a cross on the spot. The child who places the nose nearest to where it should go wins a Christmas treat.

Musical Rudolph

Once the children are in full swing of the Christmas party, they may enjoy dancing to festive tunes. In the case of Musical Rudolph, they may do so sporting red noses and antlers. When the host stops the music, however, the children must immediately stop dancing and fall onto all fours in the pose of Rudolph.

The host must then eliminate from the game the slowest. The last Rudolph dancing is the winner.

Christmas Fun For Kids

Kids may also have fun with free online Christmas games or join in with games for the family. Children may obtain further diversion by creating Christmas crafts, such as Christmas tree decorations and lanterns. With a little thought and planning, Christmas can be stress free and require little outlay.

Xmas Party Ideas

A little party planning will provide Christmas party fun for kids. Christmas Tree is a great party icebreaker and Christmas Treasure hunt will keep them motivated. Adjusting generic party games can become fun Christmas party games, as in Pin the Nose on Rudolph. Finally, Musical Rudolph provides dancing fun as the party gets into full swing.

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