Fun and Inexpensive Halloween Activities: Spooky, Delightful and Easy Fall Projects

Halloween is a time to activate the imagination and creative juices by creating Halloween costumes, crafts and decorations. Use the thrifty tips listed below to create some playful Halloween projects that will help celebrate this hair-raising holiday.Make a Scarecrow Out of LeavesSome of the best kids activities are the simplest. Making a scarecrow out of old clothes, leaves and a pumpkin is a fun task that will also add decoration to a front porch.To make the scarecrow, rake up leaves in the yard and stuff them into old pants and a long-sleeved shirt. It may be necessary to safety pin the shirt to the pants to keep them together. Position the pants and shirt in a chair so that it looks like they are a headless body sitting upright. To make the hands, stuff some gloves with leaves and safety pin them to the ends of the sleeves. Place some old boots at the bottom of the pants to look like feet.Make the head of the scarecrow by either using a carved pumpkin, or stuffing a long stocking cap with leaves and covering it with a Halloween mask. For a fun look, cover the neck hole with a piece of red fabric and place the head in the lap of the scarecrow to make it look like he is a headless man. Paint some red paint on the bottom of the Jack O’ Lantern to add to the effect.Create a Halloween Party Ghost PinataCreating a ghost pinata is a relatively simple Halloween craft that can provide both decoration and a party game.

To make the pinata, start by blowing up a large balloon. Cut strips of newspaper and dip the newspaper in either papier mache, which can be purchased at a craft store, or a mixture of equal parts white glue and water. After dipping the strip in the mixture, wipe off any excess and smooth the strip onto the balloon. Continue this step, placing the strips so that they are overlapping, until the entire balloon has been coated with two to three layers of newspaper. Make sure to continually smooth as you go. Hang the balloon up to dry.Once the balloon has dried, the newspaper should be hard. Use a utility knife to cut a small slit in the paper and balloon. Pour some wrapped candy into the balloon and use masking tape to close the slit. Next, paint the pinata white. Then use white crepe paper to decorate the balloon. Glue long streamers to the bottom of the pinata. Then, starting at the bottom and working up, glue horizontal strips of crepe paper. Only glue the top edge of the crepe paper and position it so that it overlaps the strip that is below it. Fringe the bottom edge of the paper. Finally, cut out three ovals from black paper and glue them over the crepe paper so that they look like two eyes and a mouth.Create Scary Face LuminariesLuminaries are small paper bags with cut-out designs. When a small tea light is placed in the luminaries, they are illuminated and the design can easily be seen.To make Halloween luminaries, start by purchasing some luminary bags at a local craft or party store. With a pencil, lightly draw a scary face on the front of the bag. Carefully cut out the face design using a utility knife. Set the luminaries along a walkway, or on a window sill and light them using tea lights. Use extreme caution when lighting the luminaries. They should never be left unattended as they may start a fire. If possible, purchase battery-operated tea lights to increase safety.Witch’s Pantry Halloween Party GameThis activity is a great kids party game. Children will need to use their imagination and the creepiness of this game will create giggles. The game requires children to reach a hand into a hole and to feel something from the witch’s pantry. They must then guess, based only on the sense of touch, what that ingredient is.To prepare this game, it is necessary to find ingredients that will feel slimy and creepy. Use peeled grapes for eyeballs, canned sliced beets for leaches, the inside of a pumpkin for guts, cooked spaghetti for brains and oiled gummy worms for earthworms. Place each of the ingredients into a large bowl.Once the ingredients are divided into bowls, set them on a table and cover each bowl with a box with a hole cut out of the side. Decorate the boxes with paint or paper to make them look spooky.To play the party game, create a witch’s recipe full of disgusting ingredients such as toads, eye balls, worms, guts, brains, an ogre’s toe, etc. Read the recipe to the children and tell them that the witch is missing some of the ingredients for her recipe and needs their help to identify the missing ingredients. Instruct the kids to reach in and try to guess which missing ingredients are in the boxes.

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