Fun Alternatives to Halloween Candy: Non-Candy Treats for Children

There is no harm in letting kids indulge in a sweet treat every now and then. But too much sugar can put them at risk for tooth decay, obesity, and other problems that accompany being overweight. The more sugar a child consumes, the less likely he is to eat nutritious foods such as whole grains, vegetables, protein, and dairy. And with so many kids already suffering from diet-restrictive health conditions such as diabetes, alternatives to Halloween candy can be a welcomed relief for parents.

Sugar is added to a lot of the processed foods kids consume everyday. And when you factor in the candy that they eat on Halloween, one can easily see how children eat more sugar than they should. Here are a few non-candy treats that can be passed out to kids when they come trick-or-treating at your front door.

Small Toys, Stickers, and Other Items

Toys are always a hit with youngsters – and the play things will give them more long-term satisfaction than candy. Small toys such as bubbles, race cars, spider rings, noise makers, temporary tattoos, yo-yos, false teeth, erasers, playing cards, pencils, and Halloween-themed stickers are excellent alternatives to Halloween candy. These types of items are readily available, and can be purchased in bulk at local party supply stores, or large chain discount stores.

Keep in mind that small toys should not be given out to kids that are younger than three-years-old.

Sugarless Foods

There are several edible goodies that can be handed out as alternatives to Halloween candy. Microwavable popcorn bags, small bags of trail mix, sugar-free gum, Goldfish crackers, and small boxes of raisins are terrific non-candy treats for children during Halloween. For safety reasons, always buy individual serving packages to hand out.

Avoid handing out baked goods, and fruits such as apples, oranges, and bananas to the kids that come trick-or-treating at your door. Also, peanut allergies are common in children, so think twice before doling out foods that contain this ingredient on Halloween.

Creative Materials

Kids love to do things that get their creative juices flowing such as drawing, and coloring. For this reason, arts and craft materials make perfect non-candy treats for youngsters. Things like crayons, small containers of play-doh, coloring books, note pads, and activity books can be purchased at a local dollar store for a reasonable cost.

Kids eat far more sugar than they should, so fun alternatives to candy such as small toys, creative materials, stickers, and sugarless foods can help keep Halloween healthy for everyone.

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