Free Resources For Halloween Graphic Design: Finding Free Spooky and Creepy Fonts, Brushes and Vector Graphics

Throughout the year, there are many dates and holidays marked in the calendar that will inspire various marketing campaigns for a wide range of businesses.

Halloween is one such occasion and may companies will seek a link, no matter how tenuous, to this holiday to give their regular marketing materials a seasonal boost.

The symbolism for this occasion is generally quite obvious and straightforward, taking the form of Jack O Lantern pumpkin graphics, witches and ghosts and because the graphics are so common and familiar, there are many freebies available online that Graphic Designers can take advantage of.

There are a number of different types of resources that may be of use, including vector line graphic images, fonts and brushes for use in Adobe Photoshop and Gimp.

Graphic Designers who are looking to utilise such resources in commercial Halloween projects should remember to check individual licensing information to ensure that they comply with the originator’s wishes.


The immediate thought with fonts is that they serve a single purpose, namely for use in headings and written text. Strong fonts, however, can be used in more graphic ways without needing to represent real words or text.

A good example of such a use is to form a background to an image that could include lots of overlapping words of different tones that blend together to give the impression of an interesting texture without the text being legible.

A few good fonts for use in Halloween projects are Burton’s Nightmare, Buffied, Shlop and Creeper. Designers can find these using their favorite search engine and these will almost certainly lead them to many more fonts available from some of the big fonts sites.

Vector Line Graphics

Vector line graphics are a bit like clip art, but they offer more flexibility as they can be infinitely resized making them suitable for use in a wide range of Halloween projects.

Brushes for Photoshop and Gimp

Adobe Photoshop brushes can be used in versions of Gimp 2.6 onwards without the need for a plug in, though Gimp brushes will work exclusively with Gimp. Graphic Designers should remember that the pixel dimensions of each brush will limit how it can be used as they are raster based files.

A good selection of Adobe Photoshop brushes have been discovered by, who have linked through to the download sites making this a very quick and convenient way to find suitable brushes for a range of Halloween Graphic Design projects.

Free Graphic Design resources for Halloween projects can save Designers a lot of time, ensuring that they’re not reinventing the wheel every time that they add Halloween themed elements to jobs that they’re undertaking. They should, however, be sure that they are always complying with the originator’s licensing conditions and preferably avoid using a resource if there is any confusion over licensing.

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