Free Online Games for Children at Christmas

Christmas time is not always easy for keeping kids entertained, but free online Christmas games may help keep kids happy during quiet moments and also serve to educate them via online educational games.

Winter Games Online for Children

There are many different online Christmas games to cater for children with different needs. There are the basic games for the very young child who enjoys decorating Christmas trees and dressing snowmen via click and drag; puzzles, wordsearches, quizzes and crosswords on Christmas themes.

And then there are games for the older reflective child who enjoys problem solving for Santa, as well as traditional Christmas activities, playing Christmas bells and sending a postcard to Santa. The older child might enjoy the faster paced activities featuring flashy graphics. The problem lies in appropriately matching the game with the child.

Types of Christmas Online Games for Kids

Funschool Kaboose, A Kids Heart, The Kidz Page and Activity Village have many great Christmas games to play online for the younger child to enjoy, including image puzzlers, word builders, art games and click and drag activities There is also a section for parents, teachers and preschool.

Further games provide fun for the older child in The Kidz Page, via Christmas Gift Hunt, and Santa’s Workshop Word Search. Examples of games found are Snowfall, where the player must help a child home without being hit by more than ten snowflakes; A Kids Heart’s site features Christmas Bells to provide auditory experimentation for playing Christmas tunes by moving the curser over bells.

Penguin Pitch Snowball requires the child to score points by hitting the softball at a target. Christmas Tree requires logic, where the child must try to connect a maze-like labyrinth of wires to the mains to make all the Christmas lights glow. Holiday Logic Game requires the child to get all the Christmas tree decorations to pop up at the same time. Not as easy as it looks, for each time, a decoration is clicked the others reverse their position.

Traditional Free Games for Kids offer traditional online Christmas activities for children via Santa’s Secret Village, including sending an animated postcard to Santa, stories to read and colour, as well as those that can be personalized; memory games which reveals a picture for each correct pairing, click and drag images for decorating Christmas trees and dressing snowmen and lots of other educational activities. The site also provides Christmas recipes.

Dynamic Winter Holiday Games supply more dynamic games for the older child. There are hundreds of online kids games to choose from with great graphics, including those with a seasonal theme.

Sleigh Shot features Santa’s competition in a long distance sleight shot; Monkey Snow Fight, entails nana monkeys throwing nana snow bombs; Penguin Rush, involves penguins, racing across ice floes, collecting points via fish and penalties by collisions and then there is Ski Run, where the player must try to complete the Slalom Course as quickly as possible.

Online Christmas Activities for Kids

There are many free games for kids to play online at Christmas. The problem lies in finding one that appropriately matches the child’s abilities. Not only do they provide seasonal fun for the child, but with careful choice, will provide online learning. To exercise the other learning channels, children may have further fun with Christmas craft activities

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