Free Christmas Desktop Wallpaper: Find Computer Backgrounds Online – Gifts, Santa, Snowflake Designs

An easy way to get into the spirit of any holiday season is to change a computer desktop background. Free computer backgrounds are available online in Christmas themes. This article discusses two of those sources and how to search for other sources of free wallpaper as well.

Where to Download Free Christmas Desktop Wallpaper:

Snowflake, Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, Gifts, Candles, and Baby Jesus

Here are two sources of free Christmas theme wallpaper downloads:

The Christmas-Corner website’s 2018 collection contains four cute desktop backgrounds – a white modern-looking Christmas tree on a red background, snowflakes and a Christmas tree on a blue background, a cutesy Christmas tree with bells (although they look more like decorative balls), and Santa with a wish list. Below the wallpaper images are instructions for downloading and setting an image as a desktop background on Macs and Windows PCs.

Below the 2018 collection is a special collection of elegant Christmas desktop backgrounds. These designs include a general Happy Holidays message against a snowy winter scene, and the Christmas theme images of angels tending to Baby Jesus and people decorating an outdoor Christmas tree.

The Free Desktop Wallpapers website offers ten classic-looking Christmas designs. The site contains two images of Santa; in one image, Santa is sitting in a living room near the fireplace, and in the other, he is standing on a rooftop with a sack full of Christmas gifts. Free Desktop Wallpapers also offers cute backgrounds such as a snowman or a kitten as well as the general Christmas themes of an over-the-top decorated mantel, a candle, and a pile of Christmas packages. Every image on this website is available in two different resolutions to accommodate different computer screens.

How to Find Free Christmas Desktop Wallpaper

If the two resources above don’t contain the type of Christmas wallpaper you’re looking for, consider doing a simple Google search for different designs. Simply type “free Christmas desktop wallpaper” in the browser and add any other search terms to help Google return specific types of designs. For example, add “Rudolph” to the end of the original search term to find free wallpaper that sports Rudolph or other reindeer.

Want some more Christmas themes to search for that are not already mentioned above? Consider images of children on sleds, winter landscapes, partridges or other Twelve Days of Christmas images, or a chimney decorated with stockings.

Alternative to Christmas Desktop Pictures: Animated Desktop Backgrounds

The resources mentioned in this article are for images, not animated desktop backgrounds. Consider looking for animated wallpaper for an extra festive computer screen.

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