Fly to Austrian Christmas Markets from the UK

Several low-cost airlines fly from British airports to Austrian cities famous for great Christmas markets. The best Christmas markets (Christkindlmärkte) in Austria are in Vienna (Wien), Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Linz. All of these Austrian cities can easily be reached during the Christmas and advent period from most major airports in Great Britain and Ireland. The number of cheap flights from London airports (especially London-Gatwick and London-Stansted) is particularly high with Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Vienna popular destinations.

Tips for Saving when Booking Cheap Flights to Austrian Christmas Markets

The number of flights from the UK to Austria is particularly high on Saturdays, traditionally the changeover day for ski holiday chalet lets. Christmas market visitors who can arrive during the week may find the best deals when booking cheap flights.

The best deals are usually available on British and Irish low-cost airlines including Ryanair, EasyJet, flythomascook, Flybe, Jet2com, and Aer Lingus. German low-cost airlines such as Germanwings and airberlin currently only offer connecting flights via Germany from British to Austrian airports.

Cheap Flights from Britain to Christmas Markets in Salzburg

Salzburg Airport (SZG) is very conveniently located close to the old town of Salzburg with its great Christmas market. Salzburg is a popular gateway to many Austrian ski resorts and thus sees a large number of flights during the holiday season.

Cheap flights to Salzburg Airport on low-cost airlines arrive from the following British and Irish airports:

  • London-Gatwick (EasyJet, flythomascook, British Airways)
  • London-Stansted (Ryanair)
  • Manchester (flythomascook)
  • Birmingham (flythomascook)
  • Bristol (Jet2com)
  • Leeds-Bradford (Flybe)
  • Exeter (Flybe)
  • Dublin (Aer Linus, Ryanair)

Cheap Flights from the British Isles to Christmas Markets in Innsbruck

Innsbruck Airport (INN) is an important gateway to ski resorts in Tyrol. Innsbruck has a beautiful location in the Alps, which form a wonderful background to several old town Christmas markets.

Cheap flights on low-cost airlines bring skiers and tourists to Innsbruck from the following British and Irish airports:

  • London-Gatwick (EasyJet, British Airways, flythomascook)
  • Bristol (EasyJet)
  • Liverpool (EasyJet)
  • Manchester (flythomascook)
  • Dublin (Lauda Air)

Cheap Flights from London-Stansted to Christmas Markets in Linz

The only direct flights from the United Kingdom to Linz are from London-Stansted on low-cost airline Ryanair. Linz, Europe’s Cultural Capital, has a large and colorful Christmas market on its oblong main square.

Cheap Flights from British Airports to Visit Christmas Markets in Vienna

Vienna Airport (VIE) is conveniently located close to the Austrian capital. Vienna is far from Alpine ski resorts and therefore does not see a high number of charter and seasonal flights during the ski season.

Direct flights from British and Irish airports to Vienna include:

  • London-Heathrow (Austrian Airlines)
  • London-Gatwick (Aer Lingus, EasyJet)
  • Dublin (Aer Lingus)

For passengers flying from other British airports to Vienna, it may often be easier to fly via other European airports on airlines such as KLM, Brussels Airlines, and airberlin, which have many flights and special deals to Vienna.

Bratislava Airport (BTS) in Slovakia can also be used as an alternative to Vienna Airport. From Bratislava Airport to downtown Vienna takes around 75 minutes by Terravision shuttle bus. Ryanair flies to Bratislava Airport (Bratislava-Vienna in Ryanair speak) from London-Stansted, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Dublin.

Austrian Christmas markets are an interesting alternative to German Christmas markets, which are traditionally very popular with British travelers. The chances of a white Christmas are far better in Austria than in Germany and in contrast to German Weihnachtsmärkte, the Christkindlmärkte in Austria remain open until Christmas Eve and occasionally even function on December 25 too.

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