Experience a Fun-Filled Outdoor Vacation in Lakeport, CA

Lakeport, the County Seat of Lake County, CA is a pleasant small town of under 5,000 people. The town is picturesque, cozy and welcoming. For families interested in outdoor recreation in the comfort of a small town, Lakeport has it all. Lakeport is the oldest incorporated city in Lake County and is a charming little place full of historic buildings and friendly people.

Hotels near Lakeport, CA

There are several small comfortable Inn’s in town and one great Casino/Resort. For those that enjoy a family atmosphere, Forbes Hotel is directly on Main Street, only has four rooms and serves free breakfast. If you’re looking for a bigger, more luxurious atmosphere, the Konocti Vista Casino Resort is the place to stay. Konocti Vista is an 80 room hotel with all of the modern amenities including a casino, restaurant, bar, gift shop, marina on the lake and an RV Park.

What’s Good to Eat in Lake County

There are numerous well reviewed restaurants in Lakeport, from Molly Brennan’s which features live music on Friday nights, to Angel’s Rock house which serves up authentic Mexican food at reasonable prices. For a family friendly atmosphere, check out Bigg’s 155 Diner, High Street Café or Main Street Pizza. They also have the standard fast food places like McDonalds and KFC for picky little eaters.

Clearlake Summer Events

Small towns are not generally famous for their nightlife and Lakeport is no exception. For the most entertainment value, it’s best to visit in the summer months, when the town is bursting with outdoor fun. Lakeport is located on the west shore of Clearlake which is the largest naturally occurring freshwater lake in the state.

During the summer visitors can experience a County Fair, Wine Tasting, boat races, a blue grass festival and various other city and county events. Some of the most popular water sports for visitors are kayaking, boating, fishing, skiing, tubing and swimming.

Highland Springs Recreation Area

One of the biggest recreation areas in Lake County, Highland Springs Recreation in Lakeport is over 146 acres. In addition to swimming, fishing and picnicking, there is also a shooting range and hunting areas. Picnic areas, BBQ’s and restrooms are located all throughout the park. There are trails for bird watching, hiking, and mountain biking and horseback riding. Highland Springs truly has something to please every outdoorsman.

Whether you want to play outdoors, gamble or sit out on the beach watching the kids, Lakeport has it all. Its charming buildings overlook a beautiful lake that is host to all sorts of summer activities for the whole family. The cozy small inns and lack of traffic will make for a relaxing summer weekend away for couples or a fun filled summer retreat for the whole family.

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