European Vacations to Take with the Kids

Taking children to Europe can be a rewarding vacation, and a trip their young minds will never forget. It will open their eyes to the different cultures around them as a very educational experience about the world and the different kinds of people that live in it. And since Europeans are very family oriented, they are not at all taken aback by the presence of kids with their parents. An endless amount of kid friendly vacations in Europe exist- the hardest part is choosing where to go!

Britian Family Vacation

If vacationing in Britain, be sure to check out Longleat- the only safari park outside of Africa. Located on 900 acres of landscaped park and over 8000 acres of woodland, Longleat is a magical place to kids. Monkeys dancing on cars are sure to be a hit with the kids as well as a boat ride on a lake that is full of seals.

France European Family Vacation

Home to the one of the few Disney Lands outside of the United States, France is a wonderful place to take kids. Here, they can experience another language, and older kids can test out their high school French in real life situations! Take a trip to Paris with the kids and have them ride the carousels and metro. Take the batabos up and down the Seine River and enjoy discovering all the different bridges that cross it. Kids will also love the chocolate and abundance of pastries around every corner while visiting France on a European vacation.

Kid-Friendly Italy

Italians are very family oriented, so they are delighted to serve and cater to large groups and families traveling with kids on a European vacations. In Rome, piazzas, museums and ruins are around every corner as are fountains and carriage rides. Take the kids on a tram ride around Rome and visit the ancient Roman aqueducts for a history lesson come to life. Don’t forget to indulge in every flavor of gelatio (ice cream)!

A European vacation with kids can be exciting, educational and memorable. Just be sure to research all the required immuzations (if required) and to get each child their own passport for entry into the country. Coordinate with the kid’s school or teacher for a learning project they can complete while traveling abroad so they can come back and share with their friends the adventures they had while overseas. Explore historic places like Italy, France and Britian for an unforgetable family vacation that everyone can enjoy!

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