Engravable Antique Sterling Silver Christmas Gifts for Women

Sterling silver Christmas gifts are lovely on their own, but antique sterling silver will be even more treasured. Look for silver items that are engravable to personalize that antique Christmas present.

People seldom think of giving antiques as Christmas presents, but giving antiques is actually such an easy choice and something the recipient will treasure. Engravable antique sterling silver items are elegant Christmas gifts for women.

Buying Engravable Antique Sterling Silver

Most antique experts will advise very old and rare antique sterling silver decorative items should not be tampered with. In other words, adding a contemporary engraving will devalue it. Instead, choose items that have lesser maker’s marks, are more common and not so highly sought after. Engraving it won’t devalue your investment on less important pieces.

There is an abundance of engravable antique sterling silver sitting in your local antique shops, antique malls, and online.

What to Look for in Engravable Antiques

Engravable antiques should have a smooth area for the words you want to add, not an area that is covered in design. Know what you want to say before purchasing, to ensure there will be room on the piece. Getting the sterling silver piece engraved at a jewelry store or special engraver ‘s will offer a good clear result. Ask the engraver to show you examples of his or her work, so there are no surprises. In many cases, that antique sterling silver piece is one-of-a-kind.

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

Begin an annual Christmas tradition by giving your loved one a sterling silver charm bracelet and adding another engravable antique silver charm or pendant each year. Personalized gifts like this take some of the guesswork out of what to buy each year. The treat for the recipient is in wondering what words you added to this year’s charm.

Antique Engravable Sterling Silver Locket

An antique engravable sterling silver locket is a wonderful gift for a woman. It can include her childens photos, her parents or if a husband is buying it for his wife, miniature photos of them both. It could even include a lock of hair as was common in the 19th century. Antique sterling silver lockets can be expensive, so consider carefully whether or not to engrave it. Silver-plated lockets are usually a lot cheaper.

Antique Sterling Silver Gift Ideas

Visit antique shops and antique markets to find sterling silver items that are sure to please the woman you’re buying it for. Antique markets offer numerous gift ideas in sterling silver. Look at antique silver boxes that can be engraved underneath or just inside the lid. Some women collect silver thimbles, so look for one she doesn’t have and have it engraved. Sterling silver rings can be engraved inside as can bangle bracelets. Silver heart pendants are a romantic gift for a girlfriend and solid hearts can be engraved on one side.

Antique silver items can be expensive, but there are always deals both online and at brick and mortar locations. The recipient will be getting a unique one-of-a-kind personalized gift for Christmas, something just for her.

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