Easy, Fun, and Thrifty Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween is here. Time for the spooky, the macabre, and the fun.

Do you find yourself reaching for the same halloween costume every year? Are you on a budget both for time and money to find the right Halloween look for you? If you are looking for a fun Halloween costume you can pull from your closet, look no further. Listed below are several thrifty and fun Halloween costumes that are easy to assemble and fun to wear.

Quick and Money Saving Halloween Costume for Women: Eighties Babe

Brush your hair big and wear your socks high. The eighties are here. Dressing as a girl from the eighties is an easy Halloween costume to assemble from items in your wardrobe. Cut the neck off an old t-shirt. Layer your socks. Put on your most massive earrings. Wear a brightly colored, such as blue, purple, or green, eye shadow up to your eyebrows and pink lipstick.

Still have some eighties clothes in your closet? Bring them out, dust them off, and put them on for a more authentic costume.

Easy and Affordable Women’s Halloween Costume: Gypsy Fortuneteller

Pile on the jewelry and pull out the scarves; Your palm says you might be dressing as a gypsy fortuneteller. First, find a scarf to wear around your head, and another to wear around your waist. Find a long, flowing shirt, and a loose blouse of some kind. Add a few pounds of long dangly necklaces and a pair of dangle earrings, and you are ready for any Halloween celebration.

Another Money Saving, Homemade Women’s Halloween Costume: Frumpy Librarian

Be ready to quiet down others at a Halloween party as a stereotypical librarian. Granted, most librarians aren’t frumpy dressers, but for this costume play up the part. Find your most frumpy cardigan or sweater. Add to that a long neutral colored skirt and a pair of your most prim shoes. For accessories, wear the pair of glasses you never intended for anyone else to ever see and carry a few books with you for good measure.

Thrifty and Easy Women’s Halloween Costume: Hippie Chick

Look groovy this Halloween as a seventies gal. Along with a free spirited and laid back attitude, all you need for this costume is a pair bellbottoms from your closet and a loose fitting shirt. Tie a scarf around your head and wear a large pair of dangly earnings. For make up, draw on your cheeks a peace sign with an eyebrow pencil and a few pink hearts with your lip liner.

Easy and Affordable Women’s Halloween Costume: Gym Coach

Be ready to yell at other party guests to get down on the floor and give you fifty. You could dress up as a gym coach this Halloween from items you have in your closet. Wear your usual work out clothes and a baseball cap. Find a loose fitting jacket and strap on your tennis shoes. If you have a whistle lying around the house that could be a nice touch and really help you get into your costume.

Be Creative to Find a Great Women’s Halloween Costume on a Budget

Be creative and see the items in your closet a new way. Maybe that cocktail dress of yours would be a perfect fifties housewife dress. Or that long black frock, with the help of your daughter’s tiara, a pair of large sunglasses, and heels, might make you look just like Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffanies. Be creative and have fun making your clothes into something new for the perfect Halloween get up.

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