Easy and Quick Halloween Costume Ideas: Cheap and Simple Halloween Outfits for Kids and Adults

Getting dressed for Halloween can be fast, cheap and easy with these staple Halloween costumes ideas. These outfits require little to no money and can be done using clothing and accessories that are already in the home.

Go as a Gypsy or Pirate

Being a gypsy or pirate requires a lot of layers and jewellery. The following tips can go for both outfits and for either gender. A scarf or bandana wrapped around the head are key to putting the look together. Hoop earrings and lots of flashy necklaces, rings and bracelets help out. For the clothing, particularly for kids, borrow mom or an aunt’s flowing colorful blouse and if there is an embroidered vest kicking around the house, add that too. Borrowing a pair of mom’s or an aunt’s black or brown “pirate-like” boots can also help for either costume. For men, a white flowing shirt can do the trick.

For the gypsy, wear a flowing skirt, several of them can be worn for added effect and to keep warm. For the pirate, depending on what kind of boots one could get, the person can wear anything ranging from brown ¾-length pants to black jogging pants with the elastic hiked to the knee. Or if there is a pair of old dark pants kicking around that are destined to be thrown out, one can cut them in jagged edges around the knee to make them look worn out.

Living Dead Look from Vampire to Zombie

Make up is key to this costume. Put lots of black eyeliner around the eyes and then put plenty of brown and purple eye shadow above and below the eyes. If there is any white face make up in the house (or one can go to the store and pick up some Halloween white face makeup if there is time), then put that on the face and neck to add to the look.

Then find red lipstick, look for a color most like blood, and use it to make a trickle of blood from the corner(s) of the mouth. Folks with long hair can frizz and mess it up. Those with short hair could try making it messy-looking as they can or they could try slicking it back with a lot of hair product, the greasier looking the better.

Wear all black clothes to be a witch, ideally a black dress or black top and black skirt. A black hat or broom can be added to the outfit, but aren’t necessary. For a zombie, find old clothes in the house that can be torn up. Shred the ends and put in rips and tears. Use red lipstick or red paint to make blood stains on them.

For a male vampire outfit, find a white shirt and black pants, and a black or red cape if there is one. A large black square of cloth or dark sheet can also be used as a cape. A female vampire can wear all black like the witch or a formal dress can also work.

Dress Up as a Tacky Tourist

Find all those clothes that were bought during tropical vacations. Mix and match them so that they are as many clashing designs and colors as possible. Floral shirts can be paired with colorful Bermuda shorts or colorful wraparound skirts. Put on big sunglasses, sun hat and sandals. Carry a beach bag to collect candy for trick-or-treaters. Wear a camera around the neck and put some white cream on the nose to look like sunscreen. If there are any leis or shell necklaces around the house, add those to the costume as well.

Bedtime Baby or Pajama Party Outfit

Just go into the drawer and fish out a favorite pair of pajamas. Accessorize with funky socks, slippers and a stuffed toy. For those with long hair, it can be put into ponytails or adorned with old school rollers. For those with short hair, it can be messed up and gelled for that bed head look. If kids are going trick-or-treating, they can use a pillowcase for collecting their candy to go with the theme and to keep their stuffed toy while walking house to house. It can be a good idea to tie the stuffed toy to the bag or child so there are less worries about dropping it in the rain if it rains or losing it while out trick-or-treating.

These are simple and easy ideas for Halloween costumes that can be made from clothes and accessories that are already sitting around the house. These traditional Halloween outfits from pirates and witches to kids in pajamas and tacky tourists are great for some trick-or-treating or Halloween party fun.

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