Dreaming of a White Christmas Card: Glittery Snow is a Great Design for Greeting Cards

Follow these instructions to produce Christmas card designs featuring a snowflake-patterned background. These are embossed onto parchment paper using an embossing system and template and secured to a base card with novelty snowflake-shaped eyelets. A punched snowflake, framed within a glitter circle, provides the focal point.

This Christmas card design illustrates how contrasting yet still very contemporary effects can be created from applying the three elements of parchment paper, glitter and punches.

  1. Punch a circle from double-sided adhesive paper. Remove the backing paper and position the circle toward the top of a sheet of parchment paper. Do not remove the top layer of the paper at this stage.
  2. Lift the top plastic stencil sheet of an embossing system and insert the parchment paper. Ensure that the side with the punched circle is face down. Position under a snowflake. Using a medium ball embossing tool, emboss the outline.
  3. Move the parchment paper around in the template and emboss another snowflake. Continue embossing until the area around the circle is covered with snowflakes. Rubbing the parchment paper with an anti-static bag will help prevent glitter from clinging to any unwanted areas.
  4. Using a metal ruler and craft knife on a cutting mat, trim the parchment paper to 6x3in. You will find that the edges of some snowflakes are trimmed off, but this adds to the effect. Punch a snowflake from white paper. Remove the top layer from the punched circle of adhesive paper.
  5. Place the white snowflake in the center of the adhesive circle. Put the parchment paper on a piece of scrap paper and sprinkle generous amounts of ultra-fine glitter over the sticky area.
  6. Shake off the excess glitter onto scrap paper and return the spare glitter to its container. If there is glitter on the white snowflake, use a clean, dry fine paintbrush to remove it.
  7. Please an opened-out single-fold card, right side up, on an old cutting mat with the parchment paper on the right-hand side. Make a hole in each corner with an eyelet puncher and hammer.
  8. Holding the parchment paper in place, insert an eyelet into each hole, with the snowflake on the ‘good’ side of the card. Use the setting tool and hammer to fix each eyelet in place.

This technique can also be used for making gift tags. Punch four snowflakes from double-sided adhesive paper. Remove the backing sheet from each and place them on a tag, with some protruding over the edge. Trim these to align with the edge. Remove the top layer from each snowflake, shake ultra-fine glitter over the shapes and shake the excess glitter off. Punch a hole in the top with a mini holepunch, then thread ribbon through it and tie in a bow.

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