DIY Halloween Fun: Masquerade Costume Party Outfits

DIY Halloween Fun: Eighties Go-Getter

An “eighties go-getter” is a silly costume persona that is similar to the 1980s businessman seen in the Futurama episode “Future Stock.” This masquerade costume party outfit pokes fun at the perceived coolness of sleazy eighties businesspeople. It is not likely to be found among costumes online, so it is a perfect DIY (do it yourself) Halloween project.

Arts and crafts supplies needed for this suggested costume:

  • Heavily pleated slacks
  • Suspenders
  • Blue business shirt
  • Dress shoes
  • Colorful tie
  • Eighties-style wig
  • Large cell phone (real or crafted)

Ideas for creating the fun Halloween outfit without having to buy costumes online:

  1. Look for costume wigs that scream “eighties style”: even a mullet wig is appropriate. If the wearer’s hair is already short, simply sleek it back with some gel for a smarmy look.
  2. If an old-fashioned cell phone is not available, simply make one out of wood or cardboard: reuse old items for a green Halloween. Paint the cell phone shaped object so that its identity is obvious.
  3. Simply put on the clothes so they look like regular office clothing. Attach suspenders to the pants.
  4. Be sure to have an “eighties go-getter” personality; otherwise, people may not know what the costume is supposed to be.

Enjoy Halloween Stuff as a Greek God or Goddess

Hearken back to ancient times with a Greek god ensemble. While Zeus is a particularly recognizable Greek god, other gods are also recognizable and make great Halloween personas. Exact (fake) vengeance on anyone who dares to ask what the costume is.

Hobby craft supplies needed for this DIY Halloween costume:

  • White robes or white sheets
  • Fake ivy or other greens
  • Cardboard
  • Yellow paint
  • Adhesive for wreath
  • Wig or facial hair adhesive
  • Costume wigs: fake head hair and facial hair
  • Comfortable clothes to wear underneath (preferably white)

How to become Zeus for Halloween events:

  1. Turn the ivy leaves into a headpiece by simply weaving the leaves into a halo-like circle. Use glue or other adhesive to get the greenery to stay put.
  2. Cut the cardboard into zigzags to create a lightning bolt, and paint it yellow. The more bolts the better: just bring a carrying case if making more than one bolt.
  3. If white robes are not available, turn white sheets into makeshift robes. Simply drape the fabric over the wearer’s body and hold it in place with safety pins. This is best to do on the actual day rather than ahead of time, as then the robes can be form fitted on top of the white clothes.
  4. Put on the wig and facial hair. Use special wig adhesive if the hair will not stick.

Go to Halloween Events as a Singing Contest Reject

The winners of popular singing contests do not need to take all of the credit. Instead, let the rejected contestants get the spotlight by dressing up as one for Halloween fun. Be sure to get creative when designing the outfit; otherwise it may be difficult to tell what the costume is. One way to make the character shine is to use hobby craft supplies to make a nice, large sign that says “Rejected From ____.”

Arts and crafts supplies needed for this variation of the costume:

  • Hair gel or trendy wig
  • Dress or trendy shirt with slacks
  • Fancy shoes
  • Makeup
  • Cardboard
  • String
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Paint or markers
  • Microphone (either real or crafted)

How to put the costume together for a masquerade costume party:

  1. Cut out a large piece of cardboard approximately the length of the wearer’s torso.
  2. Paint or write “Rejected From _____” or “Voted Off _____” (insert the name of a popular national or local singing contest).
  3. Use a whole punch to cut holes on the top right and left corners of the cardboard.
  4. Attach string to the sign by looping and tying it through the holes—make sure it is long enough by measuring it first.
  5. Create the microphone by attaching a black puff ball or sponge to the top of a cylinder (such as a cardboard toilet paper cylinder). Reuse household materials for a green Halloween.
  6. Put on the rest of the outfit, put the sign on, hold the microphone, and get ready to sing the blues.

These DIY Halloween costumes, costume wigs, and accessories are all great for Halloween fun, as they allow the wearer to really get into character. This can make a masquerade costume party or Halloween events even more fun, as the security of the costume can make it easier to mingle in uncomfortable social situations. Whether fun Halloween stuff involves trick or treating or attending a trendy party, these personas are sure to please.

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