Creative South Park Halloween Costumes: Towelie, Mr. Hankey, Tweek, Chef, and Other Unique & Warped Ideas

Everyone’s favorite fictitious Colorado mountain town is full of memorable characters — and some highly creative ideas for Halloween costumes. For fans in search of a unique attire for October 31, try out these South Park costume tips.

Towelie Costume

Since this guy is a big blue towel, this costume has the advantage of being very easy to make. To spruce up this simple costume, add some bloodshot eyes. These can be purchased at a decent costume shop, and if they aren’t available, take a red or black pen and draw bloodshot eyes on some regular costume eyes. Of course, Towelie’s main accessory is an illegal substance in most countries, so use this with caution (or make a mock joint out of some oregano or something).

Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo Costume

Yes, this costume may offend some who fail to see the humor in dressing up like a life-sized piece of talking excrement, but you’re sure to be the only Mr. Hankey at any Halloween party. To create the look, dress up in a brown bodysuit or something similar, and top yourself off with a Santa Claus hat. A little brown face paint will complete the look.

Tweek Costume

Ack! Everyone loves Tweek, the kids with all the anxiety whose parents give him coffee to calm him down. Tweek’s main accessory is his shirt, which is buttoned up incorrectly, so start with that, and perhaps spill a cup of coffee on the shirt for good measure. His hair stands on end, which can easily be achieved with hair gel. Some bloodshot eyes will complete the look (see the Towelie tips above).

Mr. Mackey Costume

Everyone loves Mr. Mackey, m’kay? This could be kind of a tricky costume to pull off, since Mr. Mackey’s main “accessory” is his ridiculously large head. Modifying a large mask might do the trick.

Kenny Costume

The Kenny idea may be overdone, as Kenny costumes were popular when the show first came out. On the other hand, witches and goblins are old too. The Kenny costume is super easy: get a big orange hoodie and use it to cover your face. Stabbing yourself with various fake implements is optional. For an even easier costume, Kenny masks often are available at costume stores.

Cartman Costume

If you’re short, “big boned,” and have a warped sense of humor, give Cartman a try. Cartman masks are available at costume stores, and you can copy his clothing style for a recognizable look. Don’t forget to include a pair of police-type shades so you can warn people to “respect my athori-tay!”

Chef Costume

Poor Chef reached a sad end (both the character and Isaac Hayes), so if you’re a Chef fan, give this one a whirl. An apron and a chef hat is an easy start, of course. For a unique and appropriately Halloween twist, dress up like Darth Chef.

Timmy and Jimmy

Use this idea with caution, as not all partygoers will appreciate costumes of handicapped kids. If you do dress up like Timmy or Jimmy, be sure to play the part. Jimmy tells standup routines, and Timmy just yells “Timm–eh!” This could make a good pairs costume.

Be creative! South Park is full of unforgettable characters, so if you’re a true fan, dig up a scene or minor character for a unique costume.

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