Christmas Vacation Destinations

You don’t even have to give up a cozy Christmas morning at home or at grandma’s house. In many cases, you can visit destinations before or after the holiday. You might even realize that a Christmas vacation destination is along your route to visit family.

Before you make plans, consider whether you want You can also take advantage of the holidays to meet the family for a Christmas destination reunion.

Before you pick your destination, you should also consider whether this busy time of year is when your family will enjoy travel. Get some tips with my article on deciding whether to stay home or travel for Christmas. Also consider the challenges of flying with Christmas presents if your trip will require a flight.

Here are some of the top Christmas vacation destinations, activities and attractions:

Christmas at Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus, Indiana pulls out all the stops for Christmas to honor the town’s namesake. There is Santa’s Candy Castle, Santa’s Lodge and a Festival of Lights. Plus, the kids will love saying they went to Santa Claus for Christmas.

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Chicago’s German Christmas Market

You can find an old-world style German Christmas market without the nuisance of a trip abroad. Visit the Chicago Christmas Market, called Christkindlmarket Chicago. Go ahead of time (and on a weekday if possible) to find great Christmas gifts for the kids, friends and family (both here and along Michigan Avenue).

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Christmas at Walt Disney World

For families who like to travel for Christmas and holidays or have family in Orlando, there are several fun events and ways to enjoy Christmas at Disney World Orlando.

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Christmas on a Cruise

Christmas and winter cruises can make great cold-weather getaways for families. This provides a chance to bond together on a cruise ship over the holidays.

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Visits to World-Class Christmas Trees

You can decorate your own Christmas tree, but you can’t fit a 35-foot-tall fir into your living room. There are plenty of amazing decorated Christmas trees to visit.

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Christmas at an Indoor Water Park Hotel

If your idea of holiday fun involves a bathing suit and splashing in a pool, this is a unique but fun option for a family Christmas vacation getaway. There are many hotels that give lip service to being family-friendly, but few can boast as much catering to families (and allure for kids) as indoor water park hotels.

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