Christmas Presents – Teenage Girl Accessories: Holiday Gifts for Teen Girls – Plaid or Sequin Scarf, Beret, Beanie

Here are some easy Christmas presents for teenage girls. The hot trends in accessories are plaid or sequined scarves, and plain or sequined berets. One of the reasons that these are popular gifts is that they come in “one size fits all” and are usually inexpensive.

Still, one of the big questions about these teenage clothing gifts is whether or not a girl will want to wear sequins. Well, there are other questions about best colors for hair and skin, but knit hats and scarves are about as close to fail-safe fashion as a grannie, mother, or boyfriend can get.

Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls

While every Christmas gift situation is different, there are some general points to consider:

  • She spends her school days at the mall: Sequins
  • She’s squeamish about mud: Sequins
  • She freaks about her hair frizzing or curling in the rain: Sequins (maybe)
  • She’s artsy: Sequins
  • She wears high heels and a fair amount of makeup: Sequins (usually)
  • She seems grunge or goth or hangs with a rebellious crowd: Ask her about sequins.
  • She only talks about softball: No Sequins
  • She’s very shy: No Sequins.
  • She’s preppy: Who knows

There are several popular online stores for teenagers, and usually the accessories on these websites are priced for regular people and teens / 20 year olds who don’t go clubbing with celebrites.

Hats and Scarves

Beanies and berets are usually worn in one of two different ways. Some girls just pull the hats down onto their heads, while others (usually girls with longer hair) wear them more on the back of their heads.

Sequin Scarf:

Many hats have matching scarves. The gift seeker will just have to guess as to whether or not the girl likes matching sets or she likes to mix things up.

Plaid Scarf:

In Southern California, and probably many other places, the lightweight plaid scarf is huge. So, if not getting a scarf to match the hat , check out plaids or textured solids like the Smocked Solid Scarf at It comes in maroon, ivory, mustard, teal, or green.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is the gold standard for cheap teen fashions. See these:

  • Swirl Top Beret: No sequins, but nice colors for most girls.
  • Spiral Crochet Beret: Cute, chunky, and the open pattern is cooler for ladies in warm climates. Beanies with open knits (holes in the pattern) are always versatile.
  • Sequin Embellished Beret: Sequins do not cover the whole hat so this might be good when the Christmas shopper is uncertain about glitz. (Black, Purple, Teal)
  • Popcorn Stitch Beret: Hats with more than one color can be cute, but be careful not to go too rastafarian.

Charlotte Russe

Moms, grannies, friends, and neighbors can afford most of the accessories at Charlotte Russe. It’s like Forever 21.

  • Metallic Knit Beret: This hat is not quite sparkly, but not really plain either. (Black, Gray, Taupe)
  • Flower Knit Beret: This comes in several varieties. The flower can be worn in the front, on the side, or somewhere in between. No ditsy, baby colors, unless requested.

Charlotte Russe has quite a few hat styles to choose from:

  • Chunky Berets
  • Flower Berets
  • Slouch Beanies

Wet Seal

This is another mall moll favorite.

  • Mini Sequin Beret: Here’s something a little different, and possibly a little cuter than honking big sequins. (Red, Silver, Black)
  • Houndstooth Muffler: This comes in purple, fuchsia, or black and white. (Houndstooth clothing has been seen recently on the streets of Italy.)

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is usually a tad more expensive but probably more enduring.

  • Chainlink Slouchy Beanie: This cute beanie comes in plum blue, cloud (off white), black, carbon (charcoal gray), swiss red (like the flag), and mustard.
  • Eugenia Kim hats: Kim was one of the first to do the big knit chunky hat.
  • Staring At Stars Nomad Square Scarf: This somewhat-plaid scarf is really, really cute and will probably sell out.

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