Christmas Lego Sets Make Great Holiday Gifts

Every year around the holidays, Lego will create a variety of Christmas gift sets. This will usually entail a Santa Clause of some sort followed by a host of holiday-related designs.

In the last year, three Lego sets were released for the Christmas holiday. This includes a snowman with children, a fireplace with gifts, and a Santa with reindeer and sleigh. Considering they are all made from basic bricks, these will not be the most detailed creations Lego puts out. However, these sets are definitely affordable and make great stocking stuffers.

Snowman Set, set #40008

The Snowman set will have you create a minifigure-sized snowman. Working on this project are two children. One is a boy and the other is a girl. All three are made from a series of sloped bricks which, from a distance, does a remarkable job at recreating the look of children and their snowy friend. Standing to one side of all this merriment is their faithful Christmas tree. All of these elements are simple but show tremendous creativity in how basic bricks can be used.

Winter Fireplace and Tree, set #40009

This by far is the coolest of this year’s holiday sets. It has a tree, a fireplace, a Christmas stocking, and a variety of presents. There are no specialty pieces used in this set. It simply shows people that they can achieve remarkable things with a little know-how and a creative mind. This works so well that you can place it inside any city house and it will get that set ready for the holidays.

Santa on Sleigh with Reindeer, set #40010

This is the only Christmas set this year that has a vehicle. Santa has a load of toys and needs to take his fast sleigh. Unlike the sleigh that everyone knows, the one with twelve reindeer, this holiday ride only has one magical beast. Santa cannot really stand on his own and needs to stay inside the sleigh, but his animal friend can be detached for a bit of frolicking. Behind Santa sits a couple of presents that need delivering. Like all the holiday sets, this does a remarkable job at using basic pieces to create a truly unique design.

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