Christmas Gifts That Continue to Give

Christmas shopping can be very stressful. Compound difficult economic times with time challenges and you have the perfect recipe for disaster. This year, perhaps it is time to consider gifts that continue to make a difference long after Christmas. Gifts that keep on giving. Here are some ideas that can help you get started.

Micro-Loan programs

One of the most popular micro-loan programs is Kiva. You can purchase a gift certificate for as little as $25.00 and present it as a gift. Kiva provides you the ability to print a certificate out (in full color) and put it in a holiday card. The person you give that to then has the ability to log into Kiva, open their own account and use the gift certificate to help fund a loan. As the loan is repaid, the recipient can then re-loan the money. This is an exciting way to provide someone an “interactive gift” that they can get long term pleasure from.

Help provide grants

For those who are not interested in “ongoing” gifts, you may still have the opportunity to donate money in their name. Consider charities that provide grants in bulk based on financial needs and assessments. Give a gift in a friend or family members name to Lions Clubs International Foundation and help them provide grants for vision studies, low cost hearing aids, medical clinics and more. There are pins and recognition available for donations as low as $25.

Local aid

In many communities there are organizations set up to help those in need. Your local community may have food banks, shelters, eye care vans, Lions Clubs, rotary clubs and more that are constantly in need of funding to help them meet the needs within your community. Consider making a tax deductible donation in a gift recipient’s name to one of these charities. Not only are you providing them with a potential gift, you may also be providing them with a tax deduction.


There was a recent article in a local newspaper that talked about how we can all make a difference this year by donating ten percent of what we intended to spend on holiday gifts to charity. Each of us may consider using that advice wisely and combining our gift giving with gifts that keep on giving or a gift that benefits other people. There are many charities that are worth considering – what better time than this holiday season to provide the gift of hope, the gift of sight, the gift of hearing or another gift to a deserving family?

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