Christmas FHE Lesson and Activity

Mormon families are counseled to take time out to have family home evening together one night a week.

Use this Family Home Evening (FHE) lesson during the holiday season to teach the true message of Christmas. LDS kids and adults will begin to see Christmas decorations in a whole new way as they decorate the tree together.

Christmas Family Home Evening Lesson – Give a Christmas Quiz

Start with a “Christmas quiz.” Some of the questions can be easy, others can be hard. Adapt them to the ages of family members. Examples might be:

  • Why do we celebrate Christmas?
  • What is your favorite part of Christmas?
  • Where was Jesus born?
  • Who came to see the newborn baby Jesus?
  • What were some of the signs of Jesus’ birth?
  • What gifts was Jesus given on his birthday?
  • Why do we give each other presents at Christmas time?

The last question of the quiz should be “What is the most important part of a Christmas tree?” Let family members answer, but don’t divulge the real answer just yet.

Family Home Evening Christmas Lesson – Jesus Is the Light of the World

To switch gears a bit during this Family Home Evening activity, a family member can read D&C 11: 28, which says, “Behold, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am the life and the light of the world.” Demonstrate this verse by turning off and taking turns crossing the room, once in darkness and once with a flashlight.

Just like the flashlight, Jesus Christ is the light that helps us see what to do and where to go. He shows people exactly how to return to Heavenly Father.

December Family Home Evening Activity – Decorating the Christmas Tree

Explain that the answer to the last quiz question is “lights.” Lights must be put on the tree before ornaments or other decorations. Just like the lights are the most important part of a Christmas tree, Jesus Christ (the light of the world) is the most important part of Christmas. As a Mormon FHE activity, decorate the Christmas tree together while listening to holiday music or hymns. Serve Christmas cookies as refreshments afterward.

This is a great December FHE idea because it combines family togetherness and a discussion of gospel principles. And now maybe whenever the family decorates the tree year after year, they will remember the special lesson they learned about Christ being the light of the world and the reason for the holiday season.

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