Christmas Crafts for Children

Having children make homemade gifts for their family and friends is a great idea. Not only are homemade gifts less expensive, but kids get a great sense of pride from making and giving their creations to loved ones.

Bath Salts

Pamper the special women in a child’s life with homemade bath salts. When spooned into a steaming bathtub, these salts help relax tired muscles and rejuvenate the skin. Creating homemade bath salts is easy, as it requires only four simple ingredients: course sea salt, Epsom salts, essential oils and food coloring.

For a basic recipe, a mixture of sea and Epsom salts should be created in a ratio of three parts sea salt to two parts Epsom salt. Next, add the essential oils a few drops at a time until the salts take on a nice, therapeutic smell. Oils such as lavender, sandalwood and patchouli make great scents for bath salts. To color the salt, children can use food coloring to dye the salt crystals. This can be done one of two ways: either by dying the entire jar of bath salts, or by dying half the jar to create colorful layers of salts.

Once complete, the lid on the bath salts can can carefully tightened and a decorative ribbon tied around the lid of the jar. Don’t forget to add a label so that your recipient knows what she’s getting!

Garden Stepping Stones

Homemade stepping stones are simple for children to make and are great gifts for grandparents–particularly those who enjoy spending time in their gardens. Purchase stepping stone kits at craft stores. They come with the mold, cement mix and decorative items such as small stones, marbles and glitter. To create a permanent handprint on the stone, children can place their hands in the wet cement.

Seashell Photo Frame

Parents can have children make use of all of the seashells they collected at the beach to create custom photo frames. To create this craft, children will need basic, white photo frames, glue, assorted seashells and perhaps some glitter. Let children glue the shells onto the frame themselves and add a touch of glitter as a final touch. To complete the gift, put a photo in the frame of the family enjoying themselves at the beach.

Potpourri Sachets

Homemade potpourri sachets are a fun and easy gift for children to make for Christmas. For those who are too young or don’t know how to sew, fabric glue can be used to create the sachets. Simply cut identically sized squares out of leftover fabric and sandwich a mound of potpourri between two squares. Use the fabric glue around the edges of the fabric to close the sachet. Once complete, bundle three or four sachets together with decorative ribbon or yarn to complete the gift.

Instead of having children pick out meaningless trinkets to give away as Christmas gifts this year, help them think of gifts they can make themselves. With a little time and forethought, children can create thoughtful Christmas gifts that their loved ones will cherish.

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