Christmas Cookie Exchange

We are all so busy with family and career responsibilities it is often difficult to find the time to do a large amount of Christmas baking. What if you could bake just one type of Christmas cookie but enjoy a whole variety of baking? Here is how you do it!

Setting up your Christmas Cookie Exchange

This is a fun way to share holiday goodies with family, friends or coworkers. Get a group of 10 to 12 people who want to participate in the Christmas cookie exchange. You will want to set a date for the exchange and allow everyone about a week or two to prepare. It is best to set your date no later than December 15th so everyone can enjoy the goodies with their family throughout the Christmas season.

Type of Cookie to bake

Each person participating in the exchange will select one type of Christmas cookie to make. You don’t have to limit the item to cookies either. One person could make gingerbread men, one could make shortbread cookies and one could make some type of Christmas squares. Ideally, when you are choosing what type of cookie or squares to bake you should select something you have made before and that you enjoy baking. The degree of difficulty will depend on how much time you have. Each person participating in the Christmas cookie exchange will make one dozen cookies or squares depending on the number of participants. So, if there are 10 people in the exchange and you decide you are making sugar cookies you will make 10 dozen sugar cookies.

The Christmas cookie exchange event

On the date of the Christmas cookie exchange, bring your baking divided into one dozen portions. You can deliver your baking on paper plates covered with plastic wrap, in inexpensive plastic containers or even in large sealable plastic bags. If your exchange is done in someone’s home you could provide coffee and hot chocolate and make it a fun and festive little gathering. If the exchange is done at work you could plan it over a lunch break.

At the end of your Christmas cookie exchange each person will go home with one dozen Christmas cookies or baked items from each participant so if you have 10 participants you will each end up with 10 dozen wonderful and different Christmas cookies to share with family and friends over the holiday season. What a fun way to share and enjoy the Christmas season.

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