Christmas Charities – Holiday Charity

Giving to charity is a heartfelt way to spread holiday cheer throughout the Christmas season. Donations can be by monetary amounts, items or personal time volunteering. Numerous charities are in of need help during this time of year.

Christmas Charity

Although charities work year-round to help people, they particularly need extra help during the holidays. Toys for Tots collects new and gently used toys for families who otherwise couldn’t afford Christmas gifts. Often times items can be brought to a local fire station.

The Make a Wish Foundation is a special organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Cash donations are very much appreciated, although non-cash gifts such as airline miles, building supplies and computer equipment are also very helpful.

Holiday Projects enlists volunteers to visit people in nursing homes to help the residents celebrate the holidays. Operation Home Front offers aid to military families not only during Christmas time, but throughout the year.

Christmas Cards for Charity

Buying holiday charity cards not only allows you to get some beautiful Christmas cards, it also raises money for numerous charities. If you have a favorite charity, be sure to check out its website to see if it’s selling holiday cards. If not, the following is just a small list of different charities offering Christmas cards for sale:

  • Paws for Charity
  • For the Troops
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • American Brain Tumor Association
  • American Lung Association

Donate Car to Charity

If you have an old car cluttering up the driveway, why not donate your car to charity? Not only will it help other people, your donation can also be used as a tax deduction. Some charities sell the cars at auctions, while others take them apart for individual car parts.

In other words, some charities will take cars that don’t even run. When donating a car, try to find an organization in which you can donate the car directly rather than using a middle-man organization. This way all proceeds go directly to the charity instead of having to split the profit with someone else.

Holiday Charities

If you have some kids clothing or items at home are no longer being used, a possibility is to check to see if a local foster care organization could use these items. Many schools work with local families who are otherwise unable to provide food or gifts for Christmas. Extra Christmas donations would be much desired!

If you have a good set of vocal cords or able to play an instrument such as piano or guitar, consider performing at a local retirement home or veterans hospital. Christmas is a huge day when it comes to dinner time for organizations that provide free meals. Volunteers are always appreciated to help serve their holiday meals.

The holidays are a perfect time to help people. There are so many charities that desperately need help during this time of year. If possible, purchase some charity holiday cards, give a donation of money, items or time to help let everyone have a special holiday season.

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