Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas for Gardeners

In most areas, winter means a break from growing plants outdoors. It is, however, a good time to remember the gardener on your holiday gift list with items that can be used to anticipate spring and the upcoming growing season.

Gardening Books Make Great Gifts for Christmas and Holidays

When the weather is too cold for gardening outdoors, planning for spring is a favorite activity for many. Books and magazine subscriptions that match the interests and expertise of the recipient make great gifts.

Several Gardening for Dummies books are on the market with subjects as varied as gardening basics, lawn care, herb gardening and houseplants. Many of these books sell for under $20.

Books that are specific to a geographic area work well. The Southern Living Garden books or magazines make good gifts for those who live in warm climates. For northern climates, the reading materials should be chosen specific to that region to assure the proper growing information.

Give Gifts of Flower Bulbs, Plants, and Decorative or Clay Pots

Amaryllis bulbs are often grown for Christmas blooms. They can be moved outdoors in the spring and will bloom again and reproduce with proper care. The bulbs are available from local garden centers and mail order suppliers.

Some gardeners enjoy “forcing” spring bulbs for winter blooms. Bulbs suitable for this include tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. These are availabe in fall and winter at many discount and garden centers. House plants can be also purchased there in winter.

Decorative pots for use in the home and in the yard are always appreciated. Clay pots are preferred for many types of plants and all containers should have a drainage hole in the bottom to keep water from damaging the roots.

A clay pot can be decorated by a child or grandchild for a personalized gift that will be treasured.

Seeds and Seed Starting Supplies for the Serious Gardener

Many gardeners like to start plants indoors from seeds before transplanting the seedlings into the ground once spring arrives. Some use cold frames or small greenhouses to accomplish the same thing outdoors.

Seeds, electric seed starting mats, window sill greenhouses, portable cold frames, and other seed starting supplies are available for those who like to start their seeds early.

Gift Cards to Garden Centers Make Good Gifts

With more people growing vegetables and herbs in their home gardens, help with purchasing the necessary supplies is always appreciated. A gift card to a local garden center or home improvement store can be made interesting by using creative packaging.

One can use a small watering can, an interesting basket, or a nice flower pot as the container for the gift card. A pair of gardening gloves, some packages of seed and a current garden magazine can be added to the gift. The gift card can be enclosed in an envelope that says “look inside” and a bright bow added to complete the gift.

Growing flowers and vegetables is a rewarding hobby that adds beauty to the landscape and food to the tables of those who choose to plant and grow. Gifts that make this easier will be appreciated.

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