Cheap Las Vegas Trips: A Guide to Budget Vacations in Las Vegas

With its glitzy neon signs, sparkling hotel towers, and big name stars smiling down from billboards, it is easy for visitors to get swept up and mesmerized into spending too much during their vacation. While millionaires shell out fortunes to build Las Vegas’ resorts and casinos, visitors need not spend nearly as much in order to enjoy them. Las Vegas vacations can be cheap without sacrificing glamour and fun; all it takes is a little restraint and proper planning.<br />
Las Vegas Airfare Deals<br />
The internet makes everything easier, so use it to find and compare cheap tickets and great deals on airfare. There are a few factors to keep in mind in order to maximize the savings. Consider departing between Sundays and Thursdays since these days are far less busy and more likely to sport a better deal. This may be a no-brainer, but avoid major holidays, especially Christmas and New Years. Prices tend to get cheaper during July and August, the hottest months, and then during January and February, right after the holiday season.<br />
Perhaps the thriftiest way to get to Las Vegas is to just take a road trip there. Of course, this is limited to those travelers close enough and willing enough to drive. A car adds much-needed mobility in order to get away from the exorbitant prices on The Strip.<br />
Save Money With Cheap Las Vegas Hotels<br />
This is the part where restraint is essential to getting a great deal on a Las Vegas hotel room. The best way to save money on a hotel is to avoid the mega-resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Sure they are beautifully designed, exotic, and luxurious; but hotels located off or near The Strip will offer much lower rates for perfectly decent and comfortable rooms. If you absolutely need to be on The Strip, try booking a room at the Imperial Palace, Excalibur, or Circus Circus. These hotels are older than the mega-resorts that line The Strip, but are still very close to the action.<br />
Free Las Vegas Shows and Attractions<br />
Believe it or not, Las Vegas caters quite nicely to the budget traveler. Scattered throughout the city are various shows and attractions that are absolutely free to enjoy. These free shows and attractions may not be the headlining entertainment, but they add diversity to a Las Vegas vacation and nice change of pace from the bustling casinos and neon glitz.<br />
For starters, there are the free shows along the sidewalk. No, not raggedy street performers, but actual hotel-hosted attractions and shows that act as an extension of the hotel’s overall theme. Some of the best examples include the Sirens of TI show, a sexy pirate battle in front of the Treasure Island hotel, the erupting volcano at the Mirage, and Bellagio’s dancing water fountains. Slightly off The Strip is the iconic Fremont Street Experience. Here, guests can watch a cinematic light show on the street’s canopy while munching on some the best bargain eats in the city.<br />
Then there are free attractions that offer a pleasant change of pace. At the Bellagio’s conservatory and botanical gardens, guests can take a time out and stroll through lush greenery and seasonal garden displays. For visitors who enjoy zoos and aquariums, the MGM Grand hotel offers its own glass-sided lion habitat, the Flamingo hotel has a flamingo habitat, and the Silverton is home to an 117,000 gallon saltwater aquarium.<br />
There are many more free shows and attractions throughout Las Vegas. Even strolling through the lavishly decorated hotels and window-shopping at the high-end shopping centers can be an enjoyable experience for the Las Vegas visitor.<br />
Other Las Vegas Vacation Tips – A Word to Shoppers, Foodies, and Gamblers<br />
As much as Las Vegas seems to guzzle up money, there are lots of ways to save money. Hotels and shopping centers may offer coupon booklets that are filled with money-saving deals on restaurants, shops, and services; so make sure to flip through the booklet. Another way to maximize shopping money is to shop at the Las Vegas Premium Outlets which are a short drive away from The Strip.<br />
For Las Vegas visitors who absolutely must sample food prepared at the restaurants of celebrity chefs, opt for lunch rather than for dinner. The serving sizes and selection may be smaller, but the prices will be much more wallet-friendly. This way, you can save a little money while still indulging in some fine dining.<br />
Finally, a word to gamblers. Budgeting your money can prevent major losses and help you leave the casino with dignity. Never walk into a casino with more money than you are willing to spend and never look toward the ATM machine for answers. Try allocating a set amount of money for gambling and not deviating from that amount.<br />
Budgeting on a Lass Vegas vacation may be tricky, but be sure to plan things out smartly and you can enjoy Las Vegas without spending too much.<br />
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