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Christmas festival and Santa are integrated together that means without Santa there is Christmas and without Christmas, there is no Santa. Most of you know about Santa, but still, giving a few facts about him. Well!! Santa Claus is also called as Saint Nick, Saint Nicolas, Father Christmas, and so on. He is a popular person of the Western Christian Society, and people believe that he will bring gifts to boys and girls who behaved well during the entire year.

Santa Claus is normally described as a joyous, portly with white beard man, sometimes he wears spectacles, and he wears a red color coat with white cuffs and fur collar and white fur trousers. This saintly looking man carries a big bag that is filled with gifts and goodies for children. The Santa became famous in the US and Canada in the 19th century, and people were influenced by the poem written in 1823 “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, and by political cartoonist and caricaturist Thomas Nast. The image of Santa has been reinforced and maintained through radio, song, children’s books, television, advertising, and films.

Some people believe that Santa is a Germanic God Wodan and he was related to the midwinter of a pagan event of Yule and directed the Wild Hunt, an ethereal parade through the sky.

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Christmas is nearing, and Santa Claus is getting ready in his North Pole Village and packing all the things for kids. Well! Parents it’s the time to be a good Santa and get all the gifts that your kids are waiting for. We got all on our website; we have a large collection of games, printable, exciting materials for the workshops and activities, and whatever you want for the best Christmas. Visit our website for more information. We help you make your Christmas the most exciting and you are sure to have a fun experience.

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