Buy Wacky Contact Lenses for Halloween Direct to Save Money

Looking for wild and wacky contact lenses to make a dramatic impression at this year’s Halloween party? There are many online stores selling cheap Halloween contacts but it’s important to buy good quality colored contact lenses from FDA approved retailers to be sure that delicate eyes will not be harmed by inferior quality lenses that could scratch the eyeball.

This article profiles the high quality wacky contact lenses available to buy direct from Marietta Vision, a specialist in colored eye contacts.

Discount Halloween Contact Lenses

While cheap discount Halloween contact lenses can be found online for as little as $20 per pair, the cheapest wacky contacts available from Marietta Vision cost $17.50 per lens, as seen in the first picture below. Custom hand-painted lenses are theatrical grade quality, as used in the movies and TV series like Twilight; these cost far more with sclera lenses that are wider in diameter to completely cover the eye retailing at $168.30 per lens.

The wackiest designs are unfortunately those that are hand-painted but other crazy contacts like Red Wolf and Spider Web are available to buy direct for just $29.99 per lens.

Halloween Color Contacts

The color element in Halloween contacts is a colored tint which is sealed between two layers of clear plastic film. While very thin, the extra layers mean that these special effect lenses are thicker than ordinary soft contact lenses, especially ultra-thin daily or weekly disposables and a thicker lens means less breathability.

For that reason, Halloween color contacts can only be worn for a maximum of 8 hours and should never be left in overnight or the wearer risks severely sore, dry eyes; the lenses will also be very difficult to take out.

Risks of Buying Cheap Halloween Contacts

Cheap Halloween contacts are usually only available in plano form which means they do not correct vision; they are aimed at young people looking to buy colored lenses as a fashion accessory.

But cheaper lenses are often thicker as they are made of poor quality plastic and in some cases, inferior manufacturing processes can lead to color flaking off the lens and contaminating the eye.

Dry eyes and eye infections can often result so customers should always buy from a reputable source that has been approved by the FDA. Care should also be taken to clean and disinfect wacky contact lenses properly after use and to change the contact lens solution regularly when lenses are stored between fancy dress parties.

Buy Crazy Colored Contact Lenses Direct

Save money on good quality crazy colored contact lenses by buying direct from Marietta Vision. Prices range from $35 to almost $500 per pair for selected custom hand-painted wacky sclera contact lenses. Whichever style is chosen, fellow Halloween party-goers are sure to be impressed.

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