Budgeting With Halloween Disney Costumes: Finding a Cheap Disney Halloween Costume for Halloween Parties

Purchasing Disney Costumes may not be the first option to spring to mind, when on a budget, however with strategic and forward planning, one may bag a bargain Disney outfit for Halloween and save a little money for the party special effects.

Cheap Disney Halloween Costumes for Kids & Toddlers

The following pointers might be worth bearing in mind when shopping for a Disney outfit:

  1. Purchasing Halloweens outfit need not be limited to the Halloween period. One can keep a close eye on the Disney website all year round for unexpected sales or the clearing of stock
  2. Disney characters have a classic appeal, which means that despite some of them going out of fashion for a while, they will always enjoy a resurgence with a film remake, meaning that old outfits will suddenly increase in value and be reused
  3. Disney Costumes are manufactured to exacting standards and will last for years
  4. Disney characters’ generic appeal means that the costumes will not date
  5. With care, the Halloween outfits can be retained for subsequent years or handed down to a younger member of the family
  6. Disney outfits are quite generous in cut, allowing for a few years’ growth, meaning that children can still wear them in years to come
  7. If looked after properly and the packaging kept, the Disney outfit will not decrease (and may in fact increase) in value

Disney Sales

It might be worth checking out a 40% sale off the Enchanted Disney Characters range at the moment, which includes a Captain Hook Costume for boys and various fairytale costumes such as a Shimmering Cinderella Costume, Aurora, Snow White and Tinker Bell. Care might be required, however, in selecting an outfit that needs few accessories, as these may accrue a hidden cost.

Cheap Disney Accessories for Halloween

If buying a Disney outfit proves a little costly at the moment, one may brighten up a generic fairy, wizard or witch’s outfit by accessorising with Disney Halloween props. For instance, a Jewel Princess Belle Tiara and a Light-up Jewel Princess Belle Wand together cost a mere $14. Buzz Lightyear Light-up Goggles for boys are but $9.50. A Power Rangers RPM Sword with sound is just a few dollars. In sterling, the prices look more favourable.

Kid’s Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes From Disney

Using strategic shopping and careful planning, one may obtain a Disney costume ideal for Halloween without breaking the bank. Buying out of season or keeping a check on stock clearances, one may bag a bargain Disney outfit. Furthermore, it is worth bearing in mind, that Disney outfits will last for years for their generous cut and quality of materials. If this proves too costly, however, one may accessorise a generic outfit ready for Halloween.

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