Black Hills American Vacation Spot: Experience the Wild West of America in South Dakota

Keystone, South Dakota is nestled in the magnificent Black Hills, with some of the most spectacular scenery in North America. There are plenty of wide open spaces, and world famous attractions, including Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and Custer Park. The Black Hills mountain landscape is immense, with a feel of the old wild west.<br />
Settlers were attracted to the Black Hills during the Gold Rush in the 1880’s to mine for gold. Valuable minerals were discovered in Keystone. Prospectors and gold miners came to Keystone during the Gold Rush to earn riches. In 1900, the railroad reached Keystone. Train transportation proved to be a factor in the development of the gold mines and the later carving of Mount Rushmore.<br />
There is plenty to keep the family busy on a Black Hills vacation. Attractions include Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park, Rushmore Cave, Keystone Historical Museum, Big Thunder Gold Mine, Black Hills Central Railroad – 1880 Train, Presidential Wax Museum and more. .<br />
Mount Rushmore: In 1927 the carving was started on this world famous monument. Initially the work was seasonal, but workers found it attractive because the wages were good. During the Depression carving the sculptures into the mountain provided employment for many. Carving of Mount Rushmore ceased in 1941, at the beginning of World War II. There are four sculptures carved into the side of the mountain, including the faces of : Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. The faces of the four Presidents carved into the mountain are 60 feet high.<br />
Crazy Horse Memorial. The memorial is to the Indian Chief is a work in progress. When the statue is complete it will be a gigantic stature of Indian Chief, Crazy Horse sitting on his horse. The face of the statue is nine stories high. The statue project has been going on for over 50 years. When the statue in the round is complete it will measure 563 feet high by 641 feet long. The complex also includes the Indian Museum of North America The “legends in Light” laser light show illuminates the mountain nightly.<br />
Custer State Park: The park in the Black Hills is an immense 71,000 acres. The largest herd of free-roaming bison, about 1,500, make the park their habitat. There are also 180 species of birds living in the park. Three riding trails tour the grounds of the park. Hikers enjoy enjoy the natural beauty of the wilderness on the walking tails. There are more that 60 miles of trails for walking or horseback riding. The park is full of natural beauty with mountain streams, tunnels and wildlife.<br />
There is plenty to keep the family busy during a Black Hills vacation. Black Hills attractions include Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park, Rushmore Cave, Keystone Historical Museum, Big Thunder Gold Mine, Black Hills Central Railroad – 1880 Train, Presidential Wax Museum and more.<br />
There is lodging available in Keystone, South Dakota, including hotels, motels, cabins and RV. Following are some of the best lodging options, including hotels and cabins.<br />
Best Western Four Presidents Lodge. Located near famous Mount Rushmore, this hotel offers comfortable lodging. The lodge features free daily continental breakfast and waffle bar, heated indoor swimming pool, hot top and high speed Internet. 605-666-4472.<br />
K Bar S Lodge. Secluded in the beautiful Black Hills is charming lodge with soaring wood beams in the lobby with high ceilings. Presidents Washington and Jefferson are visible from the nearby Mt. Rushmore. The huge rock fireplaces in the lobby offers a warm environment making a great place to meet and enjoy the warming fire The lodge is set on 45 tree covered acres. Amenities include rooms with private decks, free Internet access, free breakfast and more. 605-666-4545.<br />
Holiday Inn Express Suites Mt. Rushmore. Located at the base on Mt. Rushmore in historic Keystone. Guests can sit in the Great Room and enjoy the Western/Native American flair. Amenities include swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, hot tub and more. 605-666-4925.<br />
Holy Smoke Resort. Log cabins in quiet, secluded area. There are 5 modern log cabins which are furnished and have refrigerator, microwave, AC, heat, Satellite TV. There are also RV sites on the premises. Enjoy horseback riding on the trails with experienced wanglers. 866-530-5696.<br />
Powder House Lodge. Tranquil setting with log cabins and hotel style lodging. Amenities include heated swimming pool, playground, gift shop and restaurant. 800-321-0692<br />
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