Best Deals on Halloween Costumes: Coupon Codes and Discounts on Favorite Costumes and Makeup

Summer is barely over and already Halloween merchants are offering deals. A sluggish economy or not…ghosts and goblins will be decked out and on the prowl this Halloween.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Halloween Costumes:

  • Amazon With coupon code HANNAH98, you’ll receive 20 percent off any two Hannah Montana musical wig sets. The offer expries September 30th.
  • Costume Super Center This online costume mega-store is offering 20 percent off all costumes when you spend $30 or more. Use coupon code FRIGHT20.
  • Halloween Express You’ll receive free shipping on orders of $65 or more.
  • Scare Pros This site offers some great deals on adult costumes only. Use coupon code PB57 for an additional $5 off any costume purchase. Offer expires September 25th.
  • Sprit Halloween If you go to the sale section on this site, you’ll see costumes for up to 50 percent off. They may not be the latest and greatest, but if your trick-or-treater wants to be a plain old witch instead of a high tech monster from the latest sci-fi click, you’ll save money and still create memories. But if your kid insists on having the most sought-after Halloween attire of the season, you’d better get out your credit card, because those costumes are going fast.

Most Popular Costumes for Boys:

Batman Dark Knight, Transformers Animated Bumble Bee, and Iron Man

Most Popular Costumes for Girls:

Hannah Montannah, High School Musical 2-Sharpah Golf Costume, The Chronicles of Narnia

How to Keep Your Kids Safe in Their Costumes:

Before your kids set out to collect that all important loot, make sure their costumes are visible from the street. If you’re child must wear all black, make sure he/she has a candy bag that is brightly colored or lights up. Make sure they can see clearly through their masks. In fact, make-up will also do the trick, and allow your trick-or-treater to see more clearly. Make sure the length of your child’s costume is not too long. You don’t want your ghost or goblin tripping with a bag full of treats.

Plan a Modern-Day Outing to the Mall

Gone are the days of roaming neighborhoods until late at night on October 31st. Malls offer a safe and well-lit place for your child to trick-or-treat. The best part? You get a lot of bang for your buck. In a matter of two hours, your child will have an over-flowing bag and parents sometimes get goodie bags full of free samples as well!

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