Best Christmas Gifts – Ideas for Kids

The best Christmas gifts are ones that come from the heart. Taking the recipient’s wants, needs, and preferences into consideration will usually result in a good gift choice.

Best Gifts for Christmas

A good Christmas present doesn’t need to be unique, as long as it’s thoughtful; however, most gift givers would rather give a unique present than an unimaginative item. In this article, find suggestions for ways to give a child the exact Christmas gift he or she wants while, at the same time, adding a special touch.

Unique Christmas Gifts, Thoughtful Presents for Children (Son, Daughter, Grandchild, etc.)

Kids can be the easiest to shop for. Just ask a child what he or she wants for Christmas, and he or she will most likely be able to produce a long list. The tricky part about getting a unique Christmas gift for a child is that children are very specific. They want what they want, and sometimes nothing else will do.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids – Choose from the Child’s Holiday Gift List

Consider choosing a Christmas present from the child’s list and expanding from there. The way to give a child an excellent holiday gift is to build upon what they already wish for. If the child wants a Hannah Montana guitar, why not include two tickets to an upcoming Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus concert? If the child wants a train, get it in his favorite color. Does the child want a football? Include a booklet of “ball tossing sessions” with mom or dad. Dance lessons? Throw in a gorgeous leotard.

Gift Ideas for Kids – Thoughtful Christmas Presents for Nieces & Nephews

Nieces and nephews who live close by will are easy to buy for because the gift giver understands their preferences. For nieces and nephews who live far away, make sure to give some thought to this. Don’t be the aunt who buys an age-inappropriate holiday gift, like a Barney doll for a 12-year-old or a large bicycle for a toddler. Consider simply asking the child’s parent(s) for tips. Also, consider gifts that the parents will appreciate, like savings bonds.

Personalized Gifts for Christmas – Good Presents for Boys and Girls

A thoughtful idea for a niece or nephew is a personalized gift. All children like knowing that loved ones care for them, so give them a constant reminder. The gift giver’s name doesn’t need to appear on the present. If someone simply reminds the child several times who gave the gift, he or she will remember that because it is so special. Here are a few great gift ideas for boys and girls:

  • Custom Furniture – A young child may especially enjoy a rocking chair or step stool with his or her name painted, engraved, or carved into it.
  • Engraved Bracelet – A first name or initials would be nice.
  • Personalized Baseball Bat – Consider putting the child’s name or initials just above the handle so the personalization won’t wear off.
  • Personalized Pillow – Consider embroidering a first name or initials on the face of the pillow. Choose a pillow with a timeless look (no cartoon characters or bright colors) so the child will feel comfortable using it over the years.

Great Gift Ideas for Son, Daughter, Grandson, Granddaughter, Niece, Nephew

Use the Christmas gift ideas for kids in this article to choose a memorable gift each child is sure to love. If possible, simply ask children for help choosing their own Christmas gifts; do it far enough in advance of the holiday, and they just might even forget about their choices, making their gifts true surprises on Christmas day.

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