Best Boy Dog Clothes for Halloween Dog Costumes: Male Halloween Pet Outfits – Sport, Army Dog, Sailor, Cowboy & More

Here are some of the best boy dog clothes that can be used for Halloween costumes. A macho man Halloween dog costume often consists of a popular pet outfit that can be worn well after October. Some examples are: Sports Dog, Army Dog, Sailor Dog, Mission Dogs, Cowboys and Indians, and more.

There are just too many doggie costumes out there to put them into one article, and there are way too many cute dogs walking around in the buff on Halloween.

Dog Costumes

The most cost effective way to dress up a boy dog, for trick or treating, is to get an outfit that can be worn later for cold weather or for other holidays. Many of the following pet costumes consist of regular dog outfits that can also be worn for warmth or just for fun.

Dog moms and dads should look at regular dog clothing that can be jazzed up to make a fancy-dress costume for October parties. Check the internet:

Dog Sports Outfits

One of the easiest outfits to put together is a dog sports outfit. Here are some of the items to find in the regular dog apparel section (sometimes costume wear):

  • NFL Pet Jerseys: From the Denver Broncos to the Washington Redskins.
  • MLB Dog Jerseys: From the New York Yankees to the Seattle Mariners. (Or get a baseball costume from a place like Poochie Heaven.)
  • MBA Dog Jerseys: Look for any team.
  • Dog Hats and Caps: Explore the internet to find the right hat.
  • College Dog Jerseys: There is a jersey or hat for every macho dog for almost any large college.
  • Cheerleader outfits for girl dogs.
  • Dog Soccer Jersey: From Brazil to Germany.

Add some dog sneakers and a football or soccer ball toy for an ensemble that can also be worn for playoffs or World Cup games.

Swiss Dog or German Dog

Get Lederhosen at Dog owners can teach their dogs to yodel (howl). It’s a year-round hoot.

Where’s the best dog vacation town?

Michael Jackson

Lots of dogs (dog owners) want to be Jacko for Halloween. Put dog shoes on the pup right before a party and watch Michael Dog try to moonwalk.

Artist Formerly Known as Prince Dog

See the Tux Formerly Known As Prince at Deni Alexander Designs and get a Wiggles Wig.

Army Dog

There are outfits all over the internet for this, so google around or see these:

  • Desert Army Jacket, Olive Green Dog Jacket, or Bomber Jacket at Bow Wows Best.
  • Camo tank at The Diamond Dog Collar.
  • Sargeant Tucker Army Jacket or Army Harness Vest at Glamour Dog.
  • Camo Dog Cap or Camo Sneakers at Poochie Heaven.

Group Halloween Costumes

Sometimes groups are the most fun. Get everyone’s pups together for extra credit.


Sailor suits are on almost every doggie couture site. Look around for the perfect outfit. It is very funny when the joint is taken over by the whole fleet of pups. Sailor clothes can always be worn in summer.

Mormon Mission Dogs

Mormon Missionaries are so cute and wholesome and sure to win the prize. Attach two dogs in some humane way. Don’t attach the pups in groups larger than two. Have the mission dogs wear dark neckties and white shirts or collars like:

  • CBG White shirt with navy tie at B* The girl-dog word was changed (here) for LDS friends.
  • Neck Tie Collar Set (use black tie) at Bow Wows Best.
  • White Dress Collar with Navy Red Striped Tie at
  • This idea only works with friendly and well-behaved pups.

Biker Dogs

Motorcycle dogs in a pack are also contest contenders.

Cowboys and Indians

While either Cowboy Dog or Indian Dog is cute alone, there is something to be said for a wild west group takeover.

Cowboy Hats:

Cowboy hats and bandannas are found on almost every site.

  • Black and White Pony Hat or Outlaw Hat (and vest) at
  • Denim Cowboy Hat at Poochie Heaven.

Cowboy and Indian Clothing:

  • Pony Vest at Glamour Dog.
  • Brown Cowboy Dog Harness Vest at The Sassy Pup.
  • Western Jacket at Poochie Heaven.
  • Pup Cowboy Costume or Pup Indian Costume at Spoiled Rotten Doggies.
  • Cowboy or Indian Costumes at
  • Indian Brave or Indian Maiden at Wally Dog Wear.
  • Dog Moccasins at

Get more fun ideas on this dog costume video.

There are so many prize winning costumes that a pet owner can put together from regular dog clothes and some extra accessories, that anyone with imagination can go wild. Halloween rocks for dog owners

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